Second Chance: A NIMHmuck Roleplay

By NIMHMuckers


Taken directly from the on-line, real time logs of NIMHmuck, then cleaned up a bit, 'Second Chance' holds together quite well as a parallel storyline in which Mrs. Brisby confronts her husband about his secret. Excerpts from different days involve both their domestic fight and a show stopping conflict with Jenner. Both a great introduction to the world of NIMHmuck and surprisingly reminiscent of some of the other fan-fic works, especially given that it was entirely impromptu.


The following is an actual log of a series of role plays on the Original NIMHmuck, circa early 1998. An attempt has been made to clean up the logs, removing extraneous elements, correct typos, and in general make the following files read as much like fiction as possible. This of course is not entirely possible as many aspects of the following role play scenarios require muck specific terminology which may be unfamiliar to the reader. The purpose of this introduction then is to provide the non-muck reader with some footing in these texts.

Lastly, I hope the reader will agree with me that the following texts are a testament to the vitality and creativity of 'real-time' role-playing, standing up well alongside the other contributions to this page. If you find yourself wanting to know more about the muck, or wondering how you can be a part of it, please visit the MUCK Homepage.

Muck terms you may encounter in this piece include:

OOC/IC/WIZ/ZZZ: Typically appearing following a character's name and description, this indicates their role play status.

OOC (Out-Of-Character) indicates that a player is not participating in role play and their actions are 'invisible' to role playing characters.

IC (In-Character) indicates that a player is actively participating in role play, and are subject to anything and everything which can realistically be affected on them by other present players.

WIZ (Wizard) is the status held by the uppermost staff members of the muck and will not involve the following texts.

ZZZ (Sleeping) is the status a character is set when they are not, at that time, actually logged on to the muck.

It is important to note that when a character changes status that this is noted on screen, and that if a character places a 'OOC' designator before something they have said or done, even while In Character, this implies that this particular action is off camera.

Rooms: When a room is entered a full description of that room will be displayed along with exits and contents. While this may appear odd if this is read as fiction, those readers familiar with text based games should not find this much of a leap.

The cast of characters is as follows (most will not appear until part three):

Ed Note 4/13/02: This incarnation of NIMHmuck is now extinct. At the time, the storyline took place three generations past the end of the movie, so the characters here are actually the "great-grandchildren" of the originals. Today, after changing servers, admins, and timelines, the new game now takes place in the same world that Paul Gibbs' NIMH fanfic did.

Alastair--A strange rat prone to depressive episodes

Annie--Jonathan's wife

Darian--Jonathan's closest friend

Emma--A mouse

Gemini--A brown bat that is the local mage

Jonathan--A neurotic mouse

Jenner--A rat that seems to suffer from megalomania

Kaa--A giant snake that enforces the 'no fighting rule' in Kaa's Coils

Kanen--A rat priest known for his ways with dark, spiritual magic, and Robin's former teacher

Karla--Alastair's adopted daughter

Lazarus--An ordinary rat that runs Kaa's Coils, the local hangout

Martin--Annie and Jonathan's son

Parson--A mouse

Robin--Jonathan's sister and Darian's girlfriend

Spiral--A rat known for his ability with hypnotism

Teresa--Annie and Jonathan's daughter

Thrasher--A friendly mockingbird that frequents Kaa's

William--A mouse known for his ability with herbal medicine

Part 1

Bedroom of Cinderblock House

The backroom of the cinderblock is a dark yet warm room. It is set up like a bedroom with five beds, most likely to house the family that lives here. There are toys scattered all over the floor which indicates they have a young child.

Exits: [L]ivingroom


Jonathan and Annie's Bed

Teresa's Bed

Timothy's Bed

Martin's Bed

Cynthia's Bed


[WIZ] A mysterious grey mouse in a green tunic (Jonathan)

[OOC] a small field mouse mother in a red shawl (Annie)

Jonathan is now In-Character (IC).

Annie is now In-Character (IC).

Annie sits on the edge of her bed looking at the floor.

Jonathan walks in from the main room and looks at Annie...

Annie looks at Jon, opens her mouth, closes it and looks back at the floor again, clenching a fist.

Jonathan says, "Annie...I...umm...I"m sorry about the other day..."

Annie asks, "The other day??!"

Annie says, "How about today, and yesterday, and the day before that..."

Jonathan shrinks. "Yes, those too..."

Annie says, "And everyday, simply by not telling the truth you plunged this entire house into deception..."

Annie asks, "Did you know you made Martin lie to me?"

Jonathan says, "Yes...only because -I- have to tell you this..."

Annie says, "But think about just made your OWN son lie to his mother? Even Darian and your sister could not look me in the face in shame. But it does not stop there..."

Annie is very red in the face.

Jonathan shakes his head. 'Annie...this is something I have to whole life is lies and excuses...I want to change that..."

Jonathan walks over to the bed to sit down next to you

Annie nods but does not break off her attack. "Jonathan do you have any idea what it feels like to find out your entire life, your marriage, your family has been nothing but lies? Do you know what it feels like to find out that all your friends have known that you've been left out and still won't tell you...

Annie says, "I feel betrayed by everyone, but most of all by you."

Jonathan puts a paw to his face, "I know...I can't ask you to forgive me for that...but maybe once I tell you what I have to tell you, you will understand a bit more..."

Annie asks, "Jonathan, how can I even trust you? And now look back only a few weeks ago when you almost left me because I made a mistake when trying to help Robin, which was a genuine effort on my part. You've left me nothing to believe in...where is your commitment to the family, or me?"

Jonathan says softly, "I didn't leave because of that...I left because it was easier to run away from this problem--the one I need to tell you about--than to deal with it. Robin, Ages, Sprial, Lazarus, all of them made me realize that was a stupid thing to do..."

Annie yells, "YOU MEAN I DIDN'T CONVINCE YOU TO TELL THE TRUTH!?? Your own family isn't good enough?"

Annie sighs.

Jonathan looks away. "It wasn't that simple, really isn't..."

Annie says, "I was even willing to leave when you were upset about Robin, because I love you, because your opinion meant everything to me. But apparently hurting me or your own children isn't that important to you."

Jonathan winces. "That wasn't what I meant, Annie...please just hear me out...I love you...I want to fix all this...

Annie nods. "I want to hear the truth...from you. But I don't know what you can and can't fix. Everyone now knows more about our problems than I Kaa's you are a fool and I am worse...a gullible fool...worse, an idiot."

Annie says, "all I can say is no one has hurt me as much as you have now..."

Jonathan mopes on the bed. "I'm sorry a stupid mouse..."

Annie says, "No, sometimes I think you are too just don't use your act like we are not as important as something else in your life...I guess whatever this secret is of yours. I have to admit I thought it was another mouse for some time but Darian said it was not."

Jonathan's voice break. "You are the most important thing to me, Annie...and I went and messed it up."

Jonathan sits quietly on the bed, trying to regain his composure

Annie half ignores you. "The funny part is, I'm almost as bad a liar as you...even the last few days, I let you continue with the lies because it was better to live with a family (even knowing that it was an illusion) than to live without it."

Annie puts her head in her hands. "Jon we don't have a family now, and I don't know anything to bring it back. I don't even know if it matters what you say anymore."

Jonathan grabs Annie's wrists. "It is not an illusion. I don't want it to be an illusion!"

Annie says, "It is an has no foundation."

Annie says, "Your own son just lied to me...think it over..."

Annie says, "He lied for you..."

Annie pulls her wrist back from Jonathan

Jonathan's voice is soft and breaking, "Annie...I love you and I can't give up this family...I know I did some stpuid things...yes I made Martin lie...but..

Annie is crying, not really listening to you.

Jonathan says, "I thought I was doing that for the best...I wanted to tell you this...I did not want you to find out from our son! It's my fault...the whole damn thing is my fault...and I'm sorry for that...just please...hear the truth. If you still want me to leave, I will."

Annie lies back in the bed. "I'm listening..."

Jonathan sits on the center of the bed looking down at Annie...

Annie's expression is one of disconnectedness.

Jonathan sighs and gulps..."Annie...I umm...I have to tell this from the may take awhile...

Annie asks, "Like I have anything else to do? I can go be humiliated at the club again or try to cheer our children up when I don't know if they'll have a family tomorrow."

Annie stares blankly at the ceiling.

Jonathan reaches down and brushes your cheekfur. "Don't say that, Annie...please don't say that..."

Annie says, "I've said nothing for so long, I have to...I can't be dishonest with myself anymore..."

Jonathan says, "Annie...I do love you...I swear I have -never- lied about that...if you can believe that, then I will be satisfied, even if you hate me afterwards.."

Annie nods. "I've told you that before...its the only thing left I do believe, but I don't know if it even matters anymore. Tell your story, but I can't guarantee it will change anything...its probably past that."

Jonathan slumps...and brushes his head fur back nervously..."Well...umm...the beginning...I was born in the city...I am the oldest of seven, and Robin is the youngest...

Annie listens with no comment.

Jonathan sighs. "Our mother died in childbirth with her, and my father decided after that he had had enough of his children and left...

Jonathan says, "Her meaning Robin...the rest of us were boys..."

Annie says, "You've told me part of this before..."

Jonathan nods. "One day she and I were out...doing what I can't remember...probably looking for food..we were always hungry and we were caught..

Annie says idly, "Caught by what? Couldn't have been anything too bad."

Jonathan says flatly. "Humans."

Annie raises an eyebrow. "You must be joking. Why are you joking with me now."

Jonathan grabs your wrist and says choked, "I am not kidding, Annie. We were caught in a net and loaded into a van."

Annie asks, "And why do you still live and breathe? I thought humans killed mice."

Jonathan says, "They didn't want to kill us...they wanted to make their projects."

Annie says, "I don't understand. What do humans want with mice other than to keep them out of their grain?"

Jonathan looks away. "Projects. They make us their projects..."

Annie says, "I know the word, but I don't get it. How can you make a mouse your project."

Jonathan says, "They...did things to us...made us run mazes. They wanted to learn things by testing us."

Annie asks, "So you took tests? Did you learn how to become a better liar taking these tests?"

Jonathan shakes his head and says sadly, "No, they injected us with something and we got smarter..."

Annie looks at you uncomprehending.

Jonathan makes the motion of using a syringe. "They shot us full of some hurt really bad, but we got smarter."

Annie asks, "smarter than what? This sounds like some story Timothy would make up."

Jonathan looks a little ill. "As smart as humans, Annie love..."

Annie says, "yeah, you act it too..."

Annie sighs.

Jonathan looks down at you sadly, "I'll prove I'm not making this up.."

Jonathan gets off the bed and walks to the closet

Annie sighs.

The sound of boxes crashing and miscellaneous junk falling is heard from the closet...

Annie says, "what would this prove anyway...that you and Robin are smarter than everyone else? You must feel so honored..."

Jonathan returns from the closet carrying something...

Annie eyes Jonathan curiously.

Jonathan says, "No Annie...not at all...It may sound nice, but it's a curse if you ask's the proof"

Jonathan drops a Laboratory collar, A plain white collar that has "G-7" stamped in red on it.

Annie says, "this is a human thing..."

Annie's hair stands on end.

Jonathan nods sadly. "Yes."

Annie slowly fits the broken collar around her fits perfectly.

Annie sighs and then shudders.

Annie says, "So what is this supposed to mean...your 'cursed' by being smarter? I don't understand."

Annie looks again at the collar than averts her eyes.

Jonathan's voice cracks again, "That wasn't the only side effect, Annie..."

Annie half laughing, half shaking "here's the part where they made you into compulsive liars..."

Jonathan sits next to Annie and takes her paw..."No...Annie...I wish it was that simple...but no..."

Annie (still lying down) I can hardly grasp the 'smarter' part, even though it makes can read, and so can the children, and you talk about all those things which I can't understand like E-leck-trisidy...I thought I was just stupid.

Jonathan leans over and looks her in the eye. "You are -not- stupid. Don't say that...please...for my sake, don't say that..."

Annie says, "but no one told me any of this, and all your friends could do these things and even our children could and I couldn' didn't tell me, so what was I to think..."

Jonathan chokes, "The kids can do them because the effects are hereditary."

Annie asks, "Does this mean the rats were injected or whatever too?"

Jonathan asks, "What rats? Oh you mean Kanen and Jenner? Yeah...them too..."

Jonathan says, "And a whole bunch more...the ones that live under the rosebush"

Annie nods. Then looking frustrated, "So why couldn't you tell me this?"

Jonathan takes your paw and his eyes glass over, "Because of the other effect of the shots..."

Annie looks concerned but is not warm to Jonathan.

Jonathan takes a deep breath, trying to control himself...and figure out how to word this...

Annie is obviously surprised by all of this, but does not appear to have lost her focus on the dissolution of the family.

Jonathan says, "Th other effect...the" (Jon is about to cry here)"

Annie does nothing to comfort him.

Jonathan is now fully in tears...he chokes, "I will...I will longer...much...longer."

Annie asks, "what?"

Jonathan looks at you, his face stained with tears...all he can do is nod and look away.

Annie begins to look concerned.

Annie sits up. "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

Annie looks back and forth between Jon and the collar perplexed.

Jonathan sobs into his paws, " grow old and die....and I will not..."

Annie continues to look confused. "They made you live longer? And now your sad because..."

Annie thinks for a moment, then looks angry.

Jonathan still sobbing says, " will not..."

Annie yells, "Shut up! So you lied to me because you essentially used me for your children? A stupid normal mouse who is nothing but a speck in your long life?"

Jonathan turn to you angrily. "That is NOT true, Annie! I love you! I have been ridiculed by my friends for my marriage, and I have and always will defend it to the end!

Annie's anger turns to a wavering frown. "Well, what am I supposed to think? How can you love me anyway? I'm just a normal mouse?

Jonathan yells, "That's exactly -why- I love you! I wish I was 'normal' everyday of my life!""

Annie eyes turn a bit glassy, but she is still yelling. "Why would you want that? To live and die in fear out in the cold woods? If your smart like humans, why wouldn't want what they have, or at least take your children away from the danger of predators?

Jonathan says simply..."Because I'd rather be with you than any of what they made me..."


Jonathan is out right crying now. "Because...because I thought you...I thought you would not...

Annie impulsively wants to put her arms around Jonathan, but stops herself, but her eyes show her concern. "What is it Jon...?"

Jonathan says, "...want anything to do with me....or leave me...or just hate me....""

Annie slowly reaches an arm out and puts it on Jon's shoulder. "Why would you ever think that...I've always been supportive of you, even when I've known you were out and out lying to me. Didn't I do everything to deserve your trust?

Jonathan cries loudly, "And don't you think I've -wanted- to tell you? I did...I wanted to so badly...but I wasn't sure you'd want me for who--no WHAT I am...I am not a mouse. I am something else..."

Annie says slowly, but firmly. "Don't blame me for your lies. You have to know somewhere that I love you and would do anything for the family..."

Jonathan is still crying..." that you know, how do you feel? You said that you were nothing...something I used...I never wanted you to feel like that...I couldn't live with myself if that is how you felt..."

Annie says, "I don't know how I feel yet. I'm still angry, thats for sure. I think I understand a little better, but its very confusing to me. No, its not fair to ask me how I feel now. You want me to forgive you for something you should have told me and the children a long time owed it to them at least."

Jonathan chokes, "I know...I'm sorry...I..."

Annie sighs.

Jonathan continues to cry into his paws.

Annie says, "I need time to think. I mean, this is only the beginning of so many other lies you had to tell to keep this one secret, and now the family has been made a laughing stock."

Annie looks at Jonathan, frowning, and pulls him closer to her.

Jonathan cries harder, "And it's all my fault..."

Annie puts her arms around him, but says nothing.

Jonathan buries his face into his wife's shoulder

Annie thinks for a moment. "If you'll listen, I have a suggestion..."

Jonathan sniffles, "Anything..."

Annie says, "I need time to think through all this...try to see what can be fixed and what cannot, and you have a LOT of things to many things I doubt I am even vaguely aware of most of them. But the best place to start is always at the present, which is what you promised to me (and then broke) at Kelly's home..."

Annie says, "which was 'to from that moment and forever tell me the whole truth.'"

Jonathan says, "And I have..."

Annie says, "No, you haven't...don't you remember've done a horrible job...I shouldn't even be giving you another chance."

Annie says, "Telling other people to lie for you is as good as lying yourself...probably worse."

Annie sighs.

Jonathan is crying a child. "-I- wanted to tell you! And I know I'm a horrible father! If you want me to leave, I will...just say the word and I will go...if I hurt you that much, or you don't love me anymore perhaps it's best..."

Annie says, "Oh be quiet Jon, and just listen to me..."

Jonathan sobs, "I'm listening..."

Annie says, "Ok, now here is what we are going to do. As I said, no more lies, and you are going to be spending a lot of the time explaining this to your kids...even if things don't work out, they need to know. Beyond that...I need to think about it, but I want to try to live the illusion a few more days before I give up."

Jonathan cries, "I don't want to give up..."

Jonathan cries, "I love you! I love the kids...I don't want to give up!!"

Annie sighs. "I don't either...but a lot of damage has been done. I also want you to apologize to everyone you've had lie for you, starting with martin. Your sister, Darian, and a great many others..."

Annie says, "I love you too Jon, but sometimes I don't know why."

Jonathan lays face down on the bed and cries after that last comment. "The it is that what you are saying to me?"

Annie sighs.

Annie says, "I don't mean it is pointless...I really don't know. I'm just not promising anything...its not all up to me...I am only a part of this family. It depends on what the kids want. I'm willing to give up anything for them."

Jonathan chokes, "Yes..."

Annie says, "I mean, you can't destroy the foundation of the family and just expect that I can make it allright...even if I wanted to...which I think I do. It may not be enough...but we are going to try, right?"

Martin walks in from the Main Room.

Martin has arrived.

Teresa walks in from the Main Room.

Teresa has arrived.

Annie looks up at the kids.

Jonathan nods slightly, his face still in the bed

Martin notices the two, and has a very good idea what just happened.

Annie says nothing.

Teresa asks, "What just happened Mother?"

Teresa asks, "Is Father okay?"

Annie says, "I think its up for your dad to say that...I think though, he's turned over a new leaf."

Annie drops the Laboratory collar.

Teresa looks at the collar. "What is that?"

Jonathan bites his lip so the kids don't hear him crying...and remains face down on the bed.

Martin looks at the collar. "Oh boy. He wasn't kidding."

Annie shakes her head and points to Jonathan.

Martin walks over to the bed and sits down.

Annie says, "Maybe now isn't a good time to talk, I don't know...martin, you know what's going on right?"

Martin turns to his mother. "yeah, I do."

Annie says, "Your dad wanted to say something to you in particular martin..."

Martin starts stroking his father's back.

Teresa says, "Mother. What is that thing"

Martin leans over to his father, rubs his headfur lightly. "Dad, c'mon."

Annie says, "Teresa, its something that will take me some time to grasp, but it effects you..its will probably effect you all the rest of your life, but don't ask me to explain it."

Teresa looks concerned.

Annie gets up out of bed and stretches her legs.

Jonathan turns his head towards Martin, his face tear stained, "I'm sorry....I"m sorry for making you lie to you mother..."

Martin hugs Jonathan. "S'alright Dad. I didn't really lie to her, I just never told her, like you asked. You wanted to tell her yourself."

Annie says, "Martin, thats still the same as don't need to start taking lessons from your dad."

Jonathan nods a bit and pulls Martin close to him

Jonathan's ears droop at Annie's latest slam.

Annie is not going to retract her last statement.

Martin hugs Jonathan the rubs his ears. "Enough Mom."

Martin asks, "How'd she take it?"

Teresa puts her hands at her side. "I still have no idea what's going on."

Annie sighs. "What am I supposed to say? That its alright my children aren't telling me things coz their dad tells them to? Its not allright or ok."

Jonathan shakes his head and buries his face back into the bed

Martin says, "Mom, he didn't know how you'd react. he had to get it off his chest a little so he told me. But he still wanted to tell you himself, that's why I didn't tell you."

Annie sighs.

Martin lightly massaging Jonathan's shoulders as he lay on the bed.

Annie says, "That doesn't make it any better martin. I know you love him and...and I love him, but we can't say these things are allright...not between us. Think if I kept things from you like this."

Martin says, "And if you didn't want me to tell anyone, I wouldn't."

Jonathan's back contorts as he continues to sob into the bed mattress

Annie says, "And Teresa, its a long story...don't worry, you arn't in trouble, but I can't sit here and tell you all of your dad's story right now, I don't even know most of it I guess."

Teresa asks, "Is he gonna tell me? Or is it just the three of you who can know now?"

Annie says, "Martin, there should be no secrets between any of us...not like this. That isn't a family..."

Annie says, "If he doesn't tell you, I'm leaving."

Teresa looks toward Jonathan. "Father?"

Jonathan tries to raise his head. "Yes, darling?"

Annie smiles a little.

Martin says, "Okay Mom. I'm sorry for not telling you this. But I couldn't have forgiven my self if I told you against Dad's wishes."

Teresa asks, "Can you please tell me the story?"

Annie asks, "And can you forgive yourself for lying to me? What your dad is guilty of is making you have to chose between your wasn't a loving thing to do."

Teresa says, "I'm guessing there's more to this than just a story."

Martin yells, "That's not fair Mom! I knew he was going to tell you."

Annie says, "It wasn't fair on your fathers part."

Jonathan sobs, "'s a long story...I will tell you...I promise...

Jonathan says, "And Martin, don't hurts. It hurts you most of all...I -hated- myself everyday of my life"

Annie sits next to Jonathan's head.

Martin says, "I won't."

Annie says, "I know its nearly driving Darian nuts, but I think he is being driven nuts by a few other things too..."

Martin leans over and kisses Jonathan on the cheek, then says into his ear. "No more secrets Dad."

Jonathan nods ever so slightly

Martin asks, "Just start with that, okay? Remember it."

Annie says, "Maybe that's why everyone wanted you to tell me...they were tired of having to lie must have been such a weight..."

Jonathan just lays face down...wondering if he is still loved

Annie gently puts a paw on Jonathan's back.

Annie suddenly shudders, then says "Jon, I am sure if you do your best...if you do what's in your heart...everything will be all right."

Jonathan chokes, " you still love me?"

Teresa starts getting glassy eyed.

Annie droops her head. "Have I ever stopped loving you? Would I even be hear if I didn't love you. If I didn't love you would I be angry when you let me down?"

Teresa tries to hold back a few emotions.

Jonathan pushes himself up to a sitting position and faces Annie

Martin says, "course we love you Dad."

Martin puts his arms around Jonathan. "You just gotta control yourself you crazy bastard."

Annie looks at Jonathan, "You'll have to forgive me...I'm really not here...I've been numb all day...all I can feel right now is anger at what's happened over the last few days...don't ask me to cry out 'I love you and everything is allright', its not in me right now."

Teresa stands in the middle of the room with her arms behind her back.

Jonathan traces Annie's cheek with his paw. "Yes...I know that..."

Annie says, "thats why I just want to let it go for a few more days. Even if it can't work might change your mind, i don't know...but I want to have a few days to remember what we had, and decide if I think we can fix it...the children (when they've been told) need to decide too."

Annie says, "I'm just glad the younger children weren't here to see me like this..."

Jonathan looks like he's going to cry again. He moves his head closer to Annie's and looks her right in the eye, firmly but kindly

Annie suddenly kisses Jonathan.

Jonathan's eye widen as Annie kisses him.

Martin looks at Teresa.

Annie starts crying.

Teresa smiles lightly.

Martin gets up and walks over to Teresa, putting his arms around her.

Jonathan pulls Annie closer to him and holds her against his chest.

Annie holds Jonathan tight.

Martin and Teresa watch and smile.

Jonathan holds Annie against him..."I love you, Annie.""

Annie says, "Jon, I just can't take this anymore...I mean the thing at Kelly's...the fighting, forgiving, then seeing it all almost killed me...You...we need to make sure it never happens again...or there won't be a family..."

Jonathan says, "I will, Annie. I swear it. I can't lose you..."

Part 2

A few days later...


This cave is about 7 feet tall, less, if you count the 2 foot stalagtites.

Exits: (F)arther into the cave, (O)ut

Annie has arrived.

>> Annie, a small brown field mouse, cautiously walks into view.

Jonathan is puking.

Annie looks like she wants to cry.

Jonathan finishes being sick. "Please...please...Annie...just give a few minutes..."

Annie says, "Jon...when I said all those things the other night, its because I wanted you to realize how serious this was...not that I hated you. I love you Jonathan..."

Annie asks, "you want me to go?"

Jonathan says, "I don't want you to see me like this..."

Jonathan is holding his face.

Annie says, "Jon..."

Annie starts crying.

Annie sobs: "I've already seen you through the worst...all those lies our entire marriage. I want to help you now...I want to help us get through this..."

Jonathan lifts his head out of his paws. "Why are you crying?"

Annie says, "because I hurt you, and you want me to go."

Annie says, "and because you don't believe I love you anymore."

Jonathan says, "I don't want you to leave...but those things you said...those awful things...""

Annie drops to one knee, still sobbing. "The thing is I wanted to hurt you though...for everytime you lied to me, for not trusting me, and for making a fool out of me. I am sorry I felt that way but its true. I can't say anymore, because you must know how I felt. I needed to make you understand, and I didn't know how else I could do it..."

Annie says, "you hurt me more than anyone else ever has Jonathan, but I still love you and want you."

Jonathan asks, "But then you do not understand why I did? Why I told you all those lies?"

Annie says, "I know that now, but that doesn't make them hurt less. It still doesn't make them right. A killer who kills for good, is still a killer..."

Annie says, "I do forgive you for them though, but that doesn't make the pain go doesn't make me feel like less of a fool in kaa's."

Jonathan does not respond. "Then if a liar I will always be, you will not trust me and then there is no point in continuing this 'illusion'

Spiral has arrived.

Annie says, "no that isn't true. I trust you now. I have forgiven you. What I don't know is that if you can forgive me for needing to hate you for what you did. Maybe you can't."

Spiral cautiously creeps in.

Annie glares at Spiral through tears.

Spiral squeaks, "H-hello."

Annie does not respond.

Jonathan continues to stand with his back to Annie

Spiral chitters, "Look, I know about pain, and such, maybe I can help?"

Jonathan shrugs. "If Annie thinks it can be saved and welcomes your help then I will consent."

Annie attempts one last time: attempts one last time. "Jonathan, I want you back, what more do I need to do?"

Annie is still ignoring spiral.

Jonathan turns around. "Then why do you fear me? You have not touched me since I told you I was handled by humans! Can you not accept me?

Spiral squeaks, "Annie, I think Jon needs you to hug him."

Annie half crying half shouting, "I wasn't afraid of you, I was angry and confused!"

Annie yells, "would everyone please stay out of my personal life!"

Jonathan glares at Annie. "You accused me of using for children! You don't think I was hurt?"

Jonathan looks at Spiral. "You better leave."

Spiral squeaks, "I just wanted to help."

Spiral has left.

Annie says, "I know you were hurt, but its just the thought that came to my head...if you were already telling me all these lies, maybe they might have been for...I was confused. I knew you loved me but I wanted to hurt you. I am sorry about that and I wish you could forgive me for it."

Jonathan walks up to you slowly. "I can forgive you, if you can forgive me. I love you Annie. I want to start over. Maybe we can renew our vows or something...I don't know...I just want to be with you...

Annie puts an arm around Jonathan's legs (she's still kneeling), "I'm sorry Jonathan, I hit you where I knew it would do the most damage because I wanted you to know how I felt--that this was it for me or nothing. I don't think I could live without you, but I can't live knowing I'm being lied to either. Yes, lets start over, or forget it all, or just try to make it the way I always thought it was..."

Jonathan smiles and knees down, facing Annie.

Jonathan get a goofy grin through tear stained cheeks and chokes on his words

Annie kisses Jonathan!

Annie says, "I love you Jonathan."

Annie says, "I'm sorry."

Jonathan looks kinda silly as he says, "Annie, will you marry me, again?"

Annie says, "I would marry you anytime, but I don't understand why. Of course maybe with everyone knowing our troubles we should. I mean, it won't make me love you anymore than I already do, which is enough...its kept us through this."

Annie asks, "Do you want me to marry you again?"

:Jonathan smiles and wraps his arms around you. "More than anything."

Annie hugs Jonathan!

Annie says, "Whatever you want."

Jonathan looks deep into Annie's eyes.

Annie kisses Jonathan again.

Annie asks, "do you think it will confuse the kids?"

Annie ponders it a bit. "I think the girls would like it though.

Jonathan smiles, "How would it confuse them?"

Annie shrugs. "I don't know. I don't think they took all of this as hard as I did."

Jonathan says, "I'll explain it all to them...I promise..."

Jonathan presses his lips to Annie's demanding another a kiss

Annie says, "In their youth, they somehow could see instantly your love in the whole matter, while I was it didn't hurt them I guess...I don't know. Maybe it should not have hurt me so much."

Jonathan says, "But it did...and I'm sorry for that..."

Annie nods. "...well, if you want to get married again, for whatever good it would do--if it would let you forgive yourself, and let me forgive myself, and let us forgive each other (though there is no more hate left in my heart for you), then let us do it, but I never want to have to get married again!"

Jonathan says, "I want to say those things to you and hear you say them to me now that you know what I am and I have told you everything...that may sound stupid, but I think i'ts right...and should have been that way the first time."

Annie nods.

Jonathan sits back on his haunches. "I love you, Annie."

Annie says, "I love you too Jonathan...I hope everything can be better now...I think it has been the last couple days, its felt that way to me."

Jonathan murrs as he nuzzles your neck. "Yes...much better..."

Jonathan stops nuzzling and asks, "One question: why did you say you'd never want to get married again?"

Annie says, "Oh I am sorry, I meant that I didn't ever want to have another fight like this...I mean, when you get married its supposed to be forever."

Annie suddenly winces a bit, but then tries to hide it.

Jonathan says, "It is forever, Annie. Why the wince?"

Annie drops her head.

Jonathan lifts Annie's chin

Annie says, "I'm sorry this is two different things, my initial comment was to mean I never wanted to have to fight with you again, I never wanted to feel the way I did earlier again, I want out marriage to mean that we would never do the things we've done to each other this last week..."

Annie says, "but then the word 'forever' put my mind somewhere else..."

Annie pulls her head back and looks away.

Jonathan pulls her face back to his. "Annie, you are my wife. My only wife...when that happens, I...I don't know what I'll do...kill myself and lay down with you.

Annie says, "No, you shouldn't. I don't want you to. You have to be strong--its not your fault, but now its your responsibility. I just hate myself for being possessive, when I should be proud that you will have the courage to go on..."

Jonathan looks sadly into Annie's eyes. "I don't want that. I want a normal life. I am already very old...I am tired of it. I just want to be with you...always.

Annie says, "and I want that too...maybe we should talk about this later instead of when we've just resolved this, but I don't feel its right you just lying down next to me when I'm gone. There has to be a reason all this happened...I know you say humans did this to you, and you see it only as evil, but I see you, and those other mice and rats like you as having this thing you have to deal with--there must be some sense to it...some reason other than just maliciousness."

Jonathan pulls Annie close to him and rubs her back gently. "I don't know, Annie..."

Annie hugs Jonathan!

Annie says, "I am not saying you should decide now, and I don't think I can tell you to decide this anyway..unless there are such a thing as ghosts and spirits, in which case I shall haunt you for throwing away your life foolishly."

Annie grins.

Jonathan nuzzles Annie, and kisses her passionately.

Annie kisses Jon back.

Jonathan holds Annie against him tightly, leaning forward into the kiss

Annie becomes quite physical suddenly, forgetting her sorrow, holding Jon's breath inside of her.

Jonathan breaks the kiss breathlessly..."mmmmm....Annie...."

Annie says out of breath, "Maybe we should go home Jon."

Jonathan grins and nods...

Part 3

A day later...

Kaa's Coils: Under the Balcony

You are standing in the front of "Kaa's Coils". The ceiling here is fairly low, only about 4 feet up, due to the low lying balcony above you. Low tables made from thread spools and old phonograph records are set about here, each with a christmas light bulb protruding from its center. The chairs are also modified spools. Against one wall is a row of (alcoves), open to the room, with soft cushons lining the inside. One of there alcoves has been expanded slightly, and opens into another room. The (ceiling) here is also the floor of the balcony above and there is a stairway granting access to it just to the side of the alcoves. More christmas (lights) are strung about with white bulbs replacing colored here and there. Several small (speakers) hang from the ceiling here and supply at a lower volume the music currently playing on the dance floor. Off to one side is a juice (bar).

Exits: (B)alcony, (H)ealing (R)oom, (O)ut of the Club, To the (S)tage


[WIZ] A mysterious grey mouse in a green tunic (Jonathan)

[IC] Jonathan's little sister (Robin)

[IC] A gray mouse (William)

[IC] A shy black mouse. (Emma)

[IC] Parson

[IC] Singing and screeching.... (Thrasher)

[IC] A tall, proud rat in a plain black robe and hat (Jenner)

[IC] An ordinary rat. (Lazarus)

[ZZZ] A friendly looking wolf. (Jim)

[IC] Darian

[ZZZ] Agilis

[ZZZ] Jeremy

[ZZZ] One pissed mouse (Karin)

[IC] A large python. (Kaa)

[ZZZ] Timber

[IC] Cowslip

[ZZZ] The wolf looking for a pack to join (Blitz)

[ZZZ] Paithan

[IC] Karla

Thrasher sees Jon.."Whoopsie! Now we're gonna' see sparks!

Jonathan looks around and says, "Hello y'all..."

Darian says, "ummm..Hello jon."

Jonathan is now In-Character (IC).

Emma smiles. "Hello."

Jenner says, "hello Jonathan."

Parson looks over to the doorway. "Hullo, Jonathan..."

Annie arrives from the entrance.

>> Annie, a small brown field mouse, cautiously walks into view.

Annie says, "hello."

Emma smiles at Annie. "Hi, there."

Parson smiles quietly to Annie. "'Evening..."

Cowslip fuzzles his backfur, and sits behind Thrasher.

Darian says, "Hi Annie."

Annie smiles at Darian.

Jenner says, "well things must not be too bad after all, the two are still together."

Jonathan smiles as Annie enters.

Lazarus nods to Jenner.

Annie hugs Jonathan!

Jenner smiles. "Looks like things are patched up to me."

Annie waves.

Jonathan puts an arm around Annie. "Has anyone seen Gemini? We need to speak to him."

Robin smiles at her relatives.

Annie asks, "Why do we need that weird bat?"

Lazarus says, "Um, he was sleeping in the healing room."

Thrasher grins at Parson and whispers a little too loudly.."Just watch.. Jon will get nutso.."

Jonathan looks at Thrasher. "What?"

Parson lightly and not too discretely elbows Thrasher's side.

Lazarus asks, "Want me to get him?"

Thrasher's tail flicks in surprise and looks at Jon.."Er.. What what?"

Jonathan says, "Yes, if you would."

Lazarus goes into the large alcove.

Lazarus has left.

Jenner gets up quickly and grabs a little of what's left of Laz's nut collection and brings it back to the table.

Annie looks a little confused, but happy.

Gemini arrives from the large alcove.

Lazarus arrives from the large alcove.

Gemini says, "Hello."

Robin smiles at Gemini

Jenner has to put the nuts in his hat to keep them from rolling off the table.

Emma says, "Hi""

Jonathan says, "Hello, Gemini..."

Darian holds his right arm straight out "Look at what Selina gave me Robin."

Thrasher looks at Jon.. and Annie.. then Robin.. and giggles..

Jenner asks, "Who's selina?"

Robin raises an eyebrow

Thrasher nods at Jenner's question.."Ya! Tell me too.."

Gemini asks, "Laz said I was wanted?"

Darian flicks his wrist and a blade as long as his forearm pops out with a loud -sprang!-

Annie blushes a little.

Thrasher jumps a bit..

Robin jumps back

Robin says, "Not in my house, Darian"

Thrasher closes his beak.."Er.. dat's for scratching your back, Darian?

Emma jumps.

Parson yelps! and falls off his spool of thread.

Jenner asks, "You really like killing things don't you Darain?"

Jenner grins.

Jonathan looks at Gemini a little nervous. "Ummm...Annie and I...we.."

Emma looks at Darian and Jenner, frowning a little...

Darian says, "No, I just want to be the one who always lives."

Gemini looks at Jon curiously.

Jenner tries to look at what Jonathan, Gemini and Annie are doing.

Spiral arrives from the entrance.

Jonathan says, "We..we want you to divorce us."

Gemini asks, "WHAT?!"

Darian gasps.

Robin stands up, "What?!"

Thrasher blinks!

Jenner sits back, and raises an eyebrow.

Lazarus huh?

Emma looks over at Jonathan and Annie, surprised.

Parson manages to crawl back atop the spool of thread in time to blink.

Annie puts a paw over her mouth.

Jonathan smiles. "And then we want you to remarry us."

Emma blushes a little and looks away...none of her business...

Thrasher whispers to Parson.."That old mouse.. Ages.. is going to through a noodle-follied rag-sally when he finds out!"

Spiral sits there stunned.

Jenner smiles a little, but does not look terribly affected by the news.

Emma looks back despite herself, smiling.

Parson whispers to Thrahser out of the corner of his mouth, "Who's Ages?"

Thrasher blinks.."Ur.. wot fer' Jon?

Gemini says, "Oh, okay."

Darian relaxes some 'Sheesh"

Robin sits back down and shakes her head mutter something about Jonathan and dramatics

Gemini says, "For a fresh start."

Annie nods.

Thrasher thinks.. "That doesn't make sense.."

Jonathan nods to Gemini.

Parson's jaw now drops. You could knock him over with a feather.

Jonathan says, "Precisely."

Spiral slowly recovers.

Jenner says, "Kind of silly..."

Thrasher hops over to Jon and Annie..

Thrasher says, " love Annie and want to raise chickies with her.. right?"

Annie blushes.

Jim arrives from the entrance.

Jonathan shifts a bit. "Yeah...and well....done."

Lazarus says, "Um, Thrasher, they have 4 kids."

Gemini says, "Excuse me one sec."

Emma says quietly, "Well, couldn't you...just...I mean, couldn't you renew your vows? Do you know what I mean?"

Jenner laughs loudly.

Gemini goes into the large alcove.

Thrasher nods..and looks at Annie, ignoring the rest.. "And you love Jon, right?"

Jim says, "hi everybody..."

Annie says, "Of course I do."

Lazarus yells, "Hello Jim!"

Emma says, "Hi.""

Jonathan looks at Jenner...annoyed

Parson waves to Jim, still looking fair stunned. "Hi, Jim...."

Thrasher looks between the two.. "Then.. why have a divorce? Why get remarried? It makes no sense! You've got chicks out of the nest already!"

Lazarus forces himself to laugh with Jenner, "He's got a point."

Annie rolls her eyes.

Jonathan shakes his head. "It wasn't right the first time..."

Spiral sits by Jenner.

Thrasher blinks confusedly.."Wot? A marriage and all dat' is just a celebration.. a party.. what's really important is what you feel here.." He taps Jon's chest.."Not what someone else tells you about your love.. jeeze! Mammals!"

Jenner rubs his chin.

Emma laughs. "I agree with you there, Thrasher."

Annie smiles a bit and tries not to giggle at Thrasher.

Parson shakes his head to clear it, and lets out a breath, smiling quietly.

Emma thinks a bit..."Well, partly at least."

Annie asks, "Jon, he is right about a wedding being a celebration, but don't we deserve to celebrate again?"

Darian watches Jon and Annie smiling.

Jonathan looks hurt. "I know that, but wouldn't understand."

Thrasher giggles.."Yah! Just marry so we have a reason to party!"

Emma chuckles.

Jenner nods.

Robin giggles at Jonathan...he's actually attractive when he's depressed.

Thrasher says, "But.. only do it if you feel it inside.. If you do, a marriage is secondary.."

Annie puts an arm around Jonathan.

Spiral whispers to Jenner.

Jonathan nuzzles Annie. "We still got some bumps to work out, but I know we can get through them."

Thrasher nods.."And.. since yer' willing to do that, until you kill each other, then a marriage isn't necessary.. so let's have one anyways!"

Annie says, "listen all of you, Jonathan has a reason why he wants to undo what he did before...and I do to, we both made mistakes, and I think this is a good thing...ritualizing our undoing of all the mistakes we made before."

Jenner whispers to spiral.

Thrasher shakes his head.."Mammals..meaningless rituals.."

Jonathan smiles at Annie's brilliance.

Thrasher feels his crop.. "Well.. I should get back to nest, feed Llandra.."

Annie kisses Jonathan!

Jim says, "hey, watch it thrasher, anyways you got married..."

Emma smiles. "Well, I'm not quite sure it's meaningless. The meaning you get out of a ritual is equal to what you put into it, if you know what I mean..."

Parson tilts his head to Thrasher. "Take care, Thrasher, give my best to Llandra....."

Annie says, "Anyway, I don't know if I can divorce you, I love you too much..."

Annie smiles mischievously at Jonathan.

Darian says, "Bye Thrasher."

Thrasher looks at Jim.."Yeah! Because I wanted to have a celebration... but it had no bearing on if I loved Llandra or not.. I could love her just as much without a marriage.."

Emma says, "Goodbye, Thrasher. It was nice meeting you.""

Jim yells, "PARTY!"

Robin waves to Thrasher

Parson says, "And if you see Emily...."

Thrasher shrugs.. "A marriage is just a empty ritual.. very much like humans.. empty.."

Lazarus says, "She was here before."

Thrasher nods.."Gotta' fly! Bye!"

Thrasher goes out of the club.

>> hops into the air and flies off in a flurry...

Parson looks around, sitting slowly on the spool. "Well... at least it hasn't changed -too- much while I've been lost..."

Jenner continues to sip at his apple juice, not looking too interested in whats going on around him.

Jonathan looks at Annie. "Should we do it now? We've got plenty of witnesses..."

Annie nods to Jonathan.

Emma smiles at Parson. "That's good to hear."

Jonathan looks around for Gemini...

Parson smiles wanly to Emma. "It's a relief."

Emma nods. "Well, I'm glad to hear it."

Emma grins at Parson. "I can see you've been missed!"

Jonathan nuzzles Annie playfully.

Annie asks, "Now, arn't we supposed to wait until after the ceremony?"

Darian giggles.

Jonathan grins and shouts, "Gemini!"

Emma smiles.

Gemini arrives from the large alcove.

Gemini has arrived.

Robin looks at Darian, "We are?"

Gemini says, "Sorry, Hope needed to hear about Alastair."

Jonathan says, "Oh..."

Darian looks at Robin "Huh?"

Jonathan asks, "We were wondering--if you're not too busy--if you could do it now?"

Robin asks, "We're supposed to wait?"

Annie nods to Gemini.

Jonathan giggles at Robin

Gemini says, "Of course."

Parson says, "About.. Alastair...?"

Emma looks concerned.

Darian says, "you mean to ummm....I think that used to be a tradition or something."

Lazarus says, "Alastair got very upset, and hurt Karla, but he's getting some intensive help from Gemini, and he's more or less okay now. Karla is staying here for a while though."

Robin blushes and grins at Darian. "Oops."

Alastair arrives from the entrance.

>> A fairly short silver rat walks in, making little noise.

>> In a flash of Lightning, an image of a wolf appears, then it turns into a real wolf, and you can see that his wiz-robe waves in the smooth steady breezes.

Lucan suddenly appears out of thin air, the he looks around, and nods a greeting to everyone.

Darian winks at Robin "So much for tradition."

Parson gkkks, "Karla....? Oh, God.... Is she okay? Is -he- going to be okay?

Gemini says, "Annie, for the divorce, turn to Jon, and just name one of the wedding vows you believe he broke."

Lazarus says, "They're both okay."

Lazarus says, "Hello Alastiar."

Parson lets out a break, rubbign his head. "Good...." he blinks and looks up. "Oh!"

Alastair nods slightly.

Jonathan nods to the two new arrivals. "Hey! I"m getting divoced...and remarried!"

Annie turns to Jonathan, and stands silent for a moment.

Jonathan looks at Annie

Alastair looks at Jon, then gives three, sarcastic claps.

Darian peers at Alastair warily.

Annie quivers a bit, "Honesty...not that that is a precise vow, but it flows into all the others."

Robin sqwuezes Darian's paw

Jonathan's head drops. "Yes, I admit to it."

Rusee arrives from the entrance.

Gemini nods, "And you Jon, has Annie broken any?"

Lazarus says, "Hi Rusee."

Annie looks sad.

Parson says, "H-hello again, Alastair...."

Emma says, "Hi.""

Alastair look over at Robin, and watches her for a minute, then turns away, not wanting to look at her any longer.

Darian looks to Robin and calms some.

Jonathan says, "No. Not one. -ever-"

Annie says, "Thats not true."

Rusee asks, "How is every one and did the bavy come esaly?"

Jonathan blinks. "What?"

Jim says, "hi everybody who came in..."

Robin shhs Rusee. 'Jon's getting divorced..."

Rusee asks, "What?"

Robin says, "and remarried...shhh..."

Annie says, "Like we talked about last night...I wanted to hurt you and hated you...that might not be an exact vow either but its enough, and I'm sorry."

Gemini says, "Love, that's okay."

Aeon arrives from the large alcove.

Annie nods. "Yes, love."

Aeon says with a smile, "'ello ev'ryone"

Jim says, "hi aeon."

Lazarus asks, "Alastair, are you okay?"

Emma says, "Hi."

Kaa hisses, "Hello."

Robin watches this intently

Alastair looks over at Lazarus, then looks back at Robin. Then, he walks toward her.

Jonathan says, "That's my fault...I shouldn't have lied..."

Gemini asks, "So, would you like to get remarried fresh now?"

Annie nods.

Lazarus watches Alastair.

Jonathan grins. "Yeah. I hate being divorced...even though it's only been two seconds."

Rusee is a little confused.

Annie says, "Jon, it doesnt' matter now, we both needed to be forgiven."

Gemini says, "Jonathan and Annie are getting remarried."

Robin watches Alastair approach her.

Darian tenses as Alastair comes near.

Gemini asks, "Mind if I do this a bit quick?"

Aeon looks confused, "REmarried?"

Alastair stops in front of Robin, and takes a deep breath. Then, he gets down on his knees. Robin...I didn't...mean what I said before...I...I apologize."

Robin smiles at Jon and Annie

Robin nods to Alastair. "I know you didn't mean it. You are forgiven, friend."

Jonathan yells, "Hey, I'm trying to get married here. Keep it down!"

Jonathan says, "Go ahead, Gemini."

Annie nods. "Remarry us quickly."

Robin gets up and stands next to Jon

Alastair looks up at Darian. " you...Ranger..."

Jonathan grins at Annie. ""

Gemini says, "Okay, since you have kids, you can skip the physical, but you may want to kiss real quick."

Darian stands up and hugs Alastair.

Robin rolls her eyes.

Annie kisses Jonathan!

Jonathan kisses back.

Gemini says, "Okay.... Ahem, that's good...."

Annie asks, "Thats it? Whew!"

Gemini says, "No."

Annie says, "Ok."

Gemini says, "that was physical, you still have mental and spiritual."

Jonathan grins at Annie. "We're too hot for this place..."

Annie blushes.

Aeon chuckles.

Robin pokes Jon on the arm and whispers. "Pay attention, stupid."

Jonathan turns to Gemini.

Alastair stands up, and walks to a shadowy corner of the club.

Gemini asks, "Jon, Annie, for mental you should each proclaim your true feelings for each other, Jon, would you go first?"

Lazarus checks on Karla.

Jonathan blushes, "Annie, I love you. I want you to be with me, always."

Karla is fast asleep...

Annie smiles.

Gemini says, "ALL of it, even the bad."

Darian walks quietly over to Robin and whispers to her "I had no idea your brother was so...passionate."

Lazarus says, "Hi Jim."

Jim says, "um, hey."

Jonathan smiles and looks in Annie's eyes. "There is no bad, part, Gemini..."

Annie raises an eyebrow.

Robin grins at Darian.

Gemini asks, "What about your lying? That affects it."

Jonathan says, "If she can accept me for what I am, I will always be happy."

Gemini says, "That's it."

Annie stands there, mouth a bit open.

Gemini says, "Annie, you go now."

Annie says, "I have always loved Jonathan...that hasn't changed. Yes, I want to be with him always...even when I was so upset at him, I still loved him at the same time and it drove me crazy. I know, despite all of this, that he has always been honest in his love, which brings me to the bad..."

Jonathan looks a bit choked up

Annie says, "I want Jonathan to be stronger...he did not tell me about this thing because he was afraid that I would leave him and I understand that. But always he is putting something off, and I wish he could be braver...I want to help him with this if he'll let me."

Robin looks at Annie and smiles to herself

Annie looks unblinkingly at Jonathan while she says this.

Darian looks impressed.

Jonathan looks like he is about to cry and pulls Annie into his arms. "I want to be stronger too."

Annie embraces Jonathan and whispers in his ear.

Annie whispers, "I know you do." to Jonathan.

Gemini says, "Okay, the final part."

Annie stands back at attention.

Darian wipes his eyes quickly.

Jonathan turns back to Gemini, a little glassy-eyed

Annie sniffles.

Jenner smiles a little.

Gemini says, "Okay, Annie close your eyes, and look at Jon, say the first sentence that pops into your head."

Annie asks, "how can I close my eyes and look at jon?"

Gemini says, "Close your eyes, THEN look at Jon, sorry."

Annie closes her eyes.

Annie opens her eyes and looks at jon.

Annie says, "I know I've said otherwise, and I'm sorry, but I think about how good a father you've been to the children..."

Gemini nods, "Now you Jon.

Jonathan is genuinely moved by Annie's statement, and in a daze closes his eyes.

Jonathan opens his eyes and looks at Annie.

Darian pulls Robin close to him as he watches the ceremony.

Jonathan says, "Annie Martin, you are the kindest, most understanding and genuine person I know. I do not deserve a second chance and you have given it to me. Thank you, my love."

Annie blushes.

Robin smiles and sighs to herself

Gemini asks, "Last, would you two like to make a few vows?"

Jonathan nods

Annie nods.

Malakai arrives from the entrance.

Malakai says, "Hello....."

Jim says, "hey malakai."

Gemini asks, "Do you two promise to Love each other, for as long as you both live?"

Aeon says with a smile, "'ello"

Robin turns and puts a finger to her lips. "Shhh."

Lazarus waves to Malakai.

Malakai lies down.

Annie suddenly looks down.

Jonathan looks at Annie, worried.

Aeon OOPSes and covers his mouth with a paw.

Jim whispers "Sorry."

Gemini asks, "What is it?"

Annie with a tear in her eye. "You know I'll love you as long as (stressed) I live."

Jonathan says, "Annie, you are my wife. My -only- wife. I will take care of this concern right now."

Jonathan yells, "Darian!"

Annie says, "Jon, that isn't fair to you."

Darian blinks "Wha what?"

Lazarus looks at Darian and Jon. ?????

Malakai cocks his head.

Parson blinks, perking his ears in alarm.

Jonathan turns to Darian seriously. "Darian, you are my closest friend. When the day comes that Annie and I can no lnger be together, you are to kill me. Is that understood?

Annie yells, "Jon!"

Darian shakes his head.

Lazarus chokes.

Emma looks up, shocked.

Mysa arrives from the large alcove.

Rusee binks.

Aeon blinks.

Annie says, "Jon, I as much as I don't like the idea of me not being in your life, you have to be stronger than that."

Shann arrives from the large alcove.

Malakai frowns....

Gemini says, "Jon, what about......"

Jim says, "wow, uh..."

Parson's tail follows suit of his ears, sticking out in alarm.

Jonathan says, "No. It is the only way...I have lived too long as it is. Darian?"

Annie takes an almost angry stance at Jonathan, and pokes a finger into his chest, "You won't abandon our children like that!"

Darian looks ill, his voice breaking "I...I can't do that."

Gemini says, "Jon, that isn't fair to ask of Darian."

Aeon swallows an uneasy mouthful of water.

Jenner manages to suppress a laugh.

Gemini says, "But, it sufficiently answers my question."

Emma frowns at Jenner.

Jonathan looks down. "You see...this...this is why I couldn't..."

Shann walks over, and sits next to Mysa, watching the fiasco...

Robin looks at Jon sadly.

Gemini says, "Jon, I hope you abandon that idea, with this next vow."

Rusee goes into the large alcove.

Gemini says, "Do you both vow to honor this union. This means being honest, respecting each other and yourselves, and caring for your children?"

Darian pulls his hood down low and sits down in the closest chair.

Jonathan nods, "Yes. Yes I do."

Annie says, "Yes, forever."

Gemini says, "That means if one of you should die, you will help your children through it."

Annie takes Jonathan's paw. "I know why you couldn't tell me, but you can't give up like that...think how we feel about each other...if I were like you...could you sit still while I said I wanted to just die after you were gone?

Jonathan looks at Annie sadly, "I don't know what I would do...I really don't..."

Annie kisses Jonathan!

Gemini says, "Then as all these animals witness, I ask anyone who objects to step forth."

Jonathan nods to Lazarus. "Yes. I understand."

Jenner grunts a little.

Jonathan looks nervously at Jenner.

Gemini looks at Jenner, "Yes?"

Jenner smiles a bit. "I probably shouldn't say anything."

Jonathan glares at Jenner.

Gemini nods. "Correct."

Jenner says, "But I feel like it...the only thing is half the folks here couldn't understand."

Annie looks confused.

Gemini says, "Then as plain as your love, you are now married."

Robin looks to Darian.

Aeon turns, firing off "the look" at Jenner.

Jenner gets up, not paying attention to anyone else.

Jonathan hugs Annie

Emma looks over at Jenner.

Gemini walks over to Jenner, "We don't think that's a good reason."

Jonathan says, "Thank you, Gemini."

Jenner turns to Darian. "Maybe I'll see you later."

Emma smiles and applauds the new (sort of) couple. "Congratulations!"

Jim says, "congrats guys."

Spiral walks over to Jenner.

Darian is shaking a little in his chair.

Jonathan smiles broadly at everyone

Robin walks over to Jon and Annie and hugs them both

Alastair sits in the shadows, not saying a word.

Jenner says to Gemini "I wasn't expecting to stop it, I just felt someone had to at least try to point out what a sham it all was."

Robin notices Darian...and says, "excuse me...but congratulations."

Jenner looks at Spiral, "As soon as your ready...we could go now."

Jonathan nods to Robin and smiles

Gemini grins at Jenner.

Aeon slips out of the door, only a sigh betraying his exit.

Aeon goes out of the club.

Parson quietly applauds, still sorting through events.

Robin walks over to Darian.

Emma walks over to Parson and whispers a question...

Jenner says, "Anyway, I need to get out of here, this place stinks of hypocracy."

Mysa hmmms.. she still doesn't know what's going on.

Jonathan's ears prick up at Jenner's last statement. "Excuse me?"

Jenner nods to spiral's whisper.

Jenner turns to Jonathan. "What?"

Parson perks an ear, and whispers back.

Darian looks to Robin as she approaches "It was a nice ceremony...don't you think?"

Jonathan yells, "Hypocracy! No! What are you talking about."

Jim flips jenner the bird wile he's looking in the other direction.

Jenner snarls. "Later Jonathan, and you know what I meant anyway."

Annie walks behind Jonathan, not understanding the conversation.

Emma nods...

Jonathan growls. "Then say it. Say it in front of all of them!:"

Emma smiles at Parson. "Thanks..."

Emma returns to her seat, looking thoughtful.

Parson nods to Emma, and glances back at the grouping.

Martin arrives from the entrance.

Jonathan yells, "Marty!"

Martin wows at all the people in here!

Mysa waves!

Jenner says, "ferals don't understand this stuff, give me a break. You say THEM like they are like you and me. We'll they arn't, and I am not going to pretend like they are."

Parson waves, "'Evening, Martin..."

Kaa points at Karla, "There are children here."

Jenner picks up his hat and starts toward the door.

Kaa swears at Jenner.

Emma frowns, and says quietly (mostly to herself), "Ferals?"

Darian rubs his paws together shakily, but not too badly.

Kaa slaps himself.

Annie looks hurt, now that she understands what jenner meant.

Parson blinks. "Ferals?"

Jonathan approaches Jenner. 'That is where you are wrong, Jenner. You are so blind! Look around you! Half these animals are braver and smarter than you or I combined! Shut up and get out of my wedding!"

Jenner isn't listening to anyone else (probably because he doesn't care about them).

Robin whispers something to Darian

Jenner takes Jonathan by the collar. "Thats just what I'm doing Jonathan. I'm leaving before I say worse, which I could."

Jenner lets go of jonathan and keeps on his way out.

Kaa hisses loudly, "No fighting in here!"

Alastair stands up, and moves to Jenner, slowly.

Darian whispers back to Robin.

Mysa shakes her head, "Always miss out on da important stuff."

Parson sighs and shakes his head, then glances over to Alastair, and blinks.

Emma watches the conflict, worried.

Kaa puts his tail on ALastair's shoulder.

Shann looks around the room, feeling nervous.

Darian nods to Robin "Lets wait till things calm down first."

Jonathan growls into Jenner's face, "Oh you think you could say worse, eh? Try it."

Spiral squeaks, "Jon, let him go."

Robin hugs Darian

Alastair does his best to squirm free from Kaa, still walking toward Jenner.

Darian hugs Robin back, watching the confrontation.

Jonathan is seething...his fur standing up and his brown eyes widen with rage

Jenner says, "You know what I think, and what I think about them, and the mockery you make out of yourself. I am wasting my time here. There is so much work to get done and you've abandoned the whole project. Everything we stood for. Its like you went insane or something. I am sorry, but I can't know something and just pretend it isn't true. Thats why I better go, and if you were smart you'd come with me."

Spiral puts his paw on Jon. "Can we talk Jon?"

Alastair half-shouts at Jenner. "Then fine! Get your smart self outta here!!"

Parson blinks, and shakes his head as if to clear it again, as his tail flickers.

Gemini walks over to Alastair, "Please calm down."

Annie first looks like she wants to cry, then grits her teeth.

Alastair glances at Gemini, then looks back at Jenner.

Darian says to Gemini "That wasn't exactly out of line Gemini, cut Alastair a little slack."

Emma knows there's something more to this than she's aware of, and watches intently.

Kaa hisses, "I think you should leave Jenner, before this gets ugly."

Jonathan screams, "Take your damn project and stick it where it hurts, Jenner! I didn't go insane! You did! Shut in your office all day...don't know a thing about the outside may think you are an intellectual, but you are just a bigot, Jenner. And as far as me coming with you, you can forget it.

Jonathan yells, "I"m rather pleased with my life, thank you very much!"

Jenner addresses the crowd. "I would gladly go...I didn't come here to cause trouble, but I didn't come here to drink lies and chew hypocacy either. I don't take well to it.

Malakai cocks his head....

Jonathan growls

Jim looks at Malakai "long story."

Kaa hisses, "Leave now Jenner."

Kaa hisses, "Please."

Jonathan screams at the top of his lungs, 'Leave, rat! NOW!"

Robin mutters something about Jonathan and weddings and dramatics

Jenner turns again to Jonathan, "Look, I am not going to try with you anymore. You let everyone down. Me and your dirt-nothing wife. Maybe you'll think again when she's gone and you have nothing...suddenly realizing that she wasn't your kind, and who in fact you did abandon."

Spiral makes a gesture towards Kaa.

Jenner says, "all right, I am going."

Annie bites her lip.

Jenner goes out of the club.

Kaa goes to swat Jenner out, but catches himself.

Jonathan screams, "GET OUT OF HERE YOU &*#^$(@())$%@(*&"

Spiral whews.

Parson watches Jenner leave, and finally tugs at the collar of his tunic nervously.

Jonathan is so mad his body is shaking

Martin's mouth is hanging open.

Spiral squeaks, "Jon, Annie, I wanted to say something."

Alastair's hands twitch from anger.

Annie is numb.

Emma breaths a sigh of relief that the conflict's over.

Spiral chitters, "Jon, um, maybe you should breathe a bit?"

Jim growls to himself.

Jonathan pulls Annie into his embrace, still shaking

Martin goes over to his parents and hugs them.

Malakai asks, "Jim?"

Lazarus grins, "I'm glad we're going to show him up.

Jim asks, "what?"

Malakai says, "What jes happened....?"

Parson slips off of his spool, and pads over quietly to Jonathan and Annie. "Er.. Jonathan? Excuse me...."

Jonathan is still shaking, unable to speak...holding Annie close to him

Gemini says, "Alastair, That was a remarkable amount of control, you did great."

Darian gets up "I'm not feeling very well, excuse me everyone."

Spiral squeaks, "Jenner has a problem with ..... 'Normal' animals."

Robin nods to Darian. "Should I come with you?"

Spiral chitters, "Darian, Can I talk to you in a bit?"

Jim says, "so I gathered."

Parson blinks and glances at Spiral. "What.. what do you mean.. 'normal?'

Alastair stands fuming...extremely agitated, not responding to Gemini.

Gemini tries to calm Alastair down by talking to him.

Emma stares at the tabletop, lost in thought..."'Normal' animals..."

Spiral squeaks, "I'll ge to it later."

Jonathan is having an anxiety attack. He holds Annie firmly against him and says, "it's not's not true..."

Spiral squeaks, "Jon, Annie, I just wanted to tell both of you that I'm happy for you and support you."

Darian nods to Robin

Jim says, "well I have a problem with Jenner, so the feeling's mutual."

Darian goes out of the club.

Darian has left.

Spiral squeaks, "If you want my help, counciling, or just to relax a bit, just ask."

Emma looks intently at Jonathan and Annie for a moment, then her eyes focus on something far in the distance, and she mumbles quietly to herself....

Spiral runs after Darian. "Now I need to make a pact with the devil."

Robin waves to all. "Goodnight, brother, Annie."

Martin says, "My parents don't need any counciling, they're fine."

Alastair walks quietly over to Jonathan, and speaks to him. "Want that rat -dead-?!"

Parson pads over to Spiral. "This... well. After seeing what happened here...." He lowers his eyes a bit, then whispers something to Spiral.

Robin goes out of the club.

Annie hugs Martin!

Jonathan is numb to the surroundings. He just stands there holding Annie as if in a trance.

Annie says, "Maybe we should go home jonathan."

Parson sighs, and rub shis forehead. "Oh, nuts and berries...."

Annie asks, "What did you want to say parson?"

Martin says, "Jenner is full of crap Mom."

Emma suddenly looks down, lays her head on her folded arms on the tables, and begins quietly crying...

Shann looks around, and blinks, then looks to Mysa. "Have you a clue of all which goes on?"

Annie looks sad. "You might not think so when you grow up Martin." Then she sighs.

Mysa shakes her head

Parson shakes his head quietly. "It's.. it's nothing that can't wait, Annie. I guess.. I'm just suddenly very nervous for someone...."

Martin says, "Hey, I know my mother."

Parson blins at Emma, and pads over to her quietly. "What's wrong...?"

Lazarus says, "Jenner is so wrong Jon, he really is."

Emma looks up at Parson through teary eyes. "It's...just something I just realized. Something I never thought of before..."

Jonathan still stands there and shakes, his eyes wide yet unfocused

Lazarus rubs Jon's shoulders.

Martin puts both paws on Jonathan's cheeks and looks him in the eyes. "Dad."

Lazarus says, "Come on, it's okay, he's wrong, calm down."

Parson gently puts a paw on Emma's arm "What is that?"

Martin says, "Dad, snap out of it."

Jonathan shakes his head violently, "Let's go home."

The beginning...