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By Simon Tesla

Copyright Information

There are various pieces of copyrighted material or derivative works present or referred to on this site, which I will try to categorize below:

  • Screen captures, scans, and other renditions of original merchandise related to the Secret of NIMH are copyright © 1982 Mrs. Brisby Ltd. They are used on this site without express permission for fan appreciation and entertainment purposes only. This site is operated on a non-profit basis; the operator of this site receives no monetary compensation for it. Any request by official sources calling for the removal of any or all copyrighted material related to the Secret of NIMH will be honored immediately.
  • The text (except where noted), and web site layout and images (except as previously noted) are copyright © Simon. It should not be copied or redistributed without permission from Simon.
  • Any fan-created original work including Fan-Art, Fan-fiction stories and other works not authored by Simon are copyright © their respective authors to the full extent that the law allows. To the best of my knowledge, permission has been obtained for the display of all aforementioned works on this site. These works are NOT to be redistributed or have inline links created to them without the permission of their respective authors. If you have obtained the necessary permission, please notify me of your intentions so that I am aware of it. If any author wishes their work removed, their request will be honored immediately.

Absolutely NONE of the original fan-created works featured at Thorn Valley is public domain and may not be assumed to be such. It may not be scanned, copied, modified, published, publicly displayed, uploaded to newsgroups, collected for archives (pay or otherwise) on the Internet or on CD-ROM, or otherwise distributed in any manner without prior express written permission from their respective authors, except where noted. Failure to respect my wishes concerning these works will result in the original content being removed and no new works posted.

To any lawyerly types: This is a fan-created, not for profit site. It generates no revenue for the operator of this site and also generates essentially free advertising and good press for The Secret of NIMH and related merchandise. Since MGM doesn't appear to want or have the resources to promote the Secret of NIMH directly, I believe that, far from harming MGM's assets, I am helping to promote sales of otherwise lesser-known merchandise. Of course, if you disagree, there's not much I can do about that, but I hope that you will keep it in mind. Thank you for your time.


Simon makes no representations or warranties with respect to anything on this web site, which is provided "AS IS." Though there is an attempt to ensure the correctness of all information on this web site, there is no guarantee on the accuracy of any of the information found here, and I take no responsibilities for loss or damages related to or arising from any use of the information found here.

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