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At the end of the corridor, the expansive Rotunda opens up before you. Near the entrance corridor there is a large round desk, sitting next to the wall, helpfully labeled, Help Desk. An average sized female rat sits at the desk, idly preening her headfur in front of a pocket-sized mirror that she holds.

Timothy clears his throat, and the rat turns to face you, ears reddening slightly with embarrasment. "Hi, Izzy," Timothy says, amiably. "My friend here needs some help..."--he grins slightly--"unless, of course, you are too busy...?"

Isabella snaps at Timothy, "Of course not! Don't be foolish. You know I have nothing else to do but cater to your whims." Then, turning to you, she says in a more pleasent (and less sarcastic) tone, "My name's Isabella, and if it's help you're looking for, you've come to the right place. So, what can I help you with?"

In this section...

  • Site Map - If you need help getting around Thorn Valley, this is a good place to start. Here you'll find short descriptions and links to all of the places inside Thorn Valley.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Have a question about Thorn Valley? You might find the answer here.
  • Unofficial NIMH FAQ - Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Secret of NIMH and related things that aren't necessarily directly related to Thorn Valley.
  • Search - Looking for something specific? Try searching for it.
  • Contact Simon - If you have a question, concern, comment or whatever, or you didn't find what you needed at the Help Desk, go here to send Simon a message about it.
  • Rules - Boring but necessary information.
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