Terms of Service

By Simon Tesla

All references to "Thorn Valley maintainers" refer to the site operators and owner (in this case, Simon and any other person that assists him in the maintenance of this website). By visiting the Thorn Valley website and/or using any of the services provided herein, you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Do not link directly to or embed inline any image or other media from another website without permission from Simon. Basically, don't steal bandwidth, and don't make things that originate from the Thorn Valley site seem to originate from your own server. Links to regular HTML files are okay.
  • Do not redistribute the content on Thorn Valley without the author's permission. See the Copyright Information for more details.
  • Do not try to hack or otherwise compromise the systems hosting this website. There's nothing interesting here for you anyway.

Privacy Policy

  • Thorn Valley maintainers may collect anonymous usage statistics and logs for system administration and demographic purposes for the intent of providing better service. In practice, I (Simon) only pay attention to how much monthly bandwidth the site is using; I don't really care about how individual users use the site.
  • To the best of my (Simon's) knowledge, Thorn Valley does not store cookies or collect personally-identifiable information, and does not transmit information to third-parties.
  • Thorn Valley is expressly anti-spam. We will not send unsolicited bulk email to any email addresses we collect, nor will we sell these addresses to any third parties.
  • Any information or comments freely given or posted on the forum is the property and responsibility of its author. Thorn Valley maintainers cannot be held responsible for their content or any subsequent violations of privacy due to their content. (For example, if you post your phone number, you cannot hold Thorn Valley maintainers responsible for any calls you may receive.) We reserve the right to delete or block any postings, and the authors of any content may request its removal.
Published: 2 April 2016