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Title: sh_nimh_character_sketches1
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: First NIMH Drawings 1997
Description: First NIMH Drawings 1997
Title: sh_nimh_character_sketches2
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: More original Nimh drawings 1997
Description: More original Nimh drawings 1997
Title: Rieson
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Rieson the bat
Description: Rieson the bat done on random request with free time at work. Used the Bluth bat design done on Bartok for this. Not sure how close I came on the request since it was spur of the moment and done off the top of my head, but it was a nice quick pic anyway.
Title: Indigo
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Lamont's Girlfriend
Description: Indigo is a mouse 'fursona' I cam up with for my girlfriend who's normal fursona is a white, blue striped panther. Took some of the elements from her Rachal character and added them to a mouse. Heh, I like the full figure of her (RL and Mousie).
Title: Helios
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: A mouse whispered in my ear and this is what came out.
Title: Lamont (My Character)
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: If I mucked this is who I'd play. Figured I'd make myself a mouse, who really is just more of a mouse version of the avatar I used to play and us as a cartoon representation of myself, who normally is a panther and called Tamar.
Title: Spiro
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: Happened upon this character and was like ok, that's neat for a mouse, so decided to give it a shot.
Title: Tenken
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: Another random pic. Saw someone elses picture of the character Tenken. Said something about him leaving, don't know why don't know who he is, but check out his gallery and got the will to draw. He sorta reminds me of a male Mrs. B in design.
Title: MRS. Rick
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: My wondering mind continues to lead me to NIMH art, and thus the random selection of characters that perk interest continues. This time Rick's mate who's got a body type I haven't seen much on NIMH I like. The full figured female.
Title: Xavier
Submitter: Shawntae
Title: SH Isis
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: Oh, forgot to add. This is a pic on Isis did from DB's gallery. I'm not totally sure I got the markings right, but I did the best I could from the pics in his gallery. If you hadn't noticed, those I assume are good guys get the round circle backgrounds (in honor of the stone), while bad guys get the rectangle background (in honor of the block that dropped).
Title: Clover, medicine rat?
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: One of those random, what the heck pics.
Title: Marcus
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: It doesn't happen often, but every now and then I run across an artist that will fuel my own need to draw and Marcus is that art
Title: SH 121 and Sarah
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: Got the hankerin' for some drawing so I picked two random characters. I like this Sarah character because she's sorta odd looking for a Jenner kid, but I like how it's written she's crazy. So I like th cute yet I could kill you look of her. I tried drawing her in the Bluth style, hope I got the coloring right. Gave her Jenner color eyes since I couldn't tell from pics.
Title: Rick
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: Since's he's the one that got me interested in doing NIMH art again he's my next subject. Also the first thing I've drawn since
Title: Modelsheet for Justin
Submitter: Shawntae
Description: The rat with the worst cheek roughs ever. They never stay consistant in the movie, EVER.
Title: Jonathan Modelsheet
Submitter: admin
Title: Mrs.Brisby Modelsheet
Submitter: admin
Title: Ranger modelsheet
Submitter: admin
Title: Rapta Modelsheet by Shawntae Howard
Submitter: admin
Title: Jenner Modelsheet by Shawntae Howard
Submitter: admin
Title: SH_Data
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Data, NIMHized
Description: Not truly anthro and not truly full NIMH mouse like, but a nice inbetween blend. Done on request, my Data in a more NIMH like style.
Title: kensingshow_rokkimicronimh
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: From the Legend Ken Singshow himself
Description: I finally convinced Ken Singshow to do some more NIMH style art. This is our too characters in I guess non-normal anthro forms, drawn in the NIMH style. He says he's rusty but still got it in my opinion.
Title: M&R_nimhized
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Rokki and Jacob NIMHized
Description: Well, after Ken did his version, I had to do mine. So here they are Jacob and Rokki in ah...semi-non-anthro forms.
Title: SH_Cynthia
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Cyhthia Brisby, Teen
Description: Cyhthia Brisby, Teen
Title: SH_Leo
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Leo
Description: Leo
Title: SH_Timothy
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Timothy Brisby, Teen
Description: Timothy Brisby, Teen
Title: Missing_you1
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Missing You
Description: Missing You
Title: SH_Vincents_love
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Vincent's Lady Love
Description: This is what happens when you have a lot of break time at work and are caught up. Yup, the muse bit again and thus, poof, this spilled out of my pencil. Seems I'm in a NIMH drawing mood again and how could I know do something for THE MAN, here of his new romantic interest. Yeah, I'm a sucker for romance stories.
Title: SH_mikita
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Mikita (uncolored)
Description: Not colored because I was not able to find color reference for the character, but since he's been doing some fan art thought I'd return the favor. A lunch break drawing.
Title: SH_Raganzi
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Raganzi
Description: Raganzi
Title: evil_family
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Incomplete work but for Vincent and Crew
Description: Incomplete work but for Vincent and Crew
Title: micro_rokki_p07
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Micro and Rokki page 7 (Finally)
Description: Micro and Rokki page 7 (Finally)
Title: SON_Matilda_Brisby
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Chris Sawyer's Matilda Brisby
Description: Chris Sawyer's Matilda Brisby. Realizing I'm rusty with drawing NIMH art, after seeing a fan character by the FA/DA artist Chris Sawyer, who created Matilda here as the offspring of Justin and Elisabeth(Mrs. Brisby) I just had to draw her myself. So, this is my first official NIMH art in what, a year?
Title: NIMH_MouseTalescolor
Submitter: Shawntae
Summary: Happy Holidays
Description: Happy Holidays