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Title: 'Checking the wind'
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: 'Checking the wind'
Description: This was my first picture I did after several years of practice. This is my original character on NIMHmuck Jacob, Years of practice have finally paid off I'd say n.n; I tinkered a little with some shading and I think it came out pretty well. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys my art, Thanks.
Title: Ronald
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Ronald
Description: Another one of my characters on NIMHmuck, He's a Lumberjack, or in this case A LumberRat ^.^. This is actually my first attempt at a rat character and even though his left paw might be a little off, over all i liked how it turned out, once again I tinkered with more shading.
Title: Darrell
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Darrell
Description: Yet another one of my characters on NIMHmuck my latest character in fact. in this pick I tinkered with showing his other leg and arm (Well in this case his elbow). I'm still practicing with the shading, I am especialy happy how his saber came out
Title: Mrs. Brisby
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Mrs. Brisby
Description: I couldn't help it I had to try my hand at Mrs. Brisby n.n; I'm really happy how it turned out too, especially her paws/hands Hands are the bane of my art, I have trouble with them but I'm Really happy how they turned out here.
Title: Tess
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Tess
Description: This is Tess, My original characters IC wife on NIMHmuck "I asked her player if I could draw her and he agreed. The daisy was a little hard to get right especially the 13 petals that a daisy has, I'm really happy how it turned out. I hope you like this Tess. ^.^; Tess (c) Her player
Title: 'Lunch time'
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: 'Lunch time'
Description: I decided to try may hand at another popular character so here it is. This is my attempt at drawing Jonathan n.n, I went with the usual clothing he wears that I see most other pics of him wearing; a green tunic with white shirt. I liked how this turned out. I also experimented with a new style of leg, and I'm happy how it turned out also. ^.^;
Title: "Happy Birthday Tess" n.n;
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: A Birthday surprise
Description: "Happy Birthday Tess" Tess' player told me his birthday was going to be the 19th, I know it's a couple days early but the 19th I'll be going to Pittsburgh for my Nieces Birthday party Saturday. When he told me about his birthday I decided I'd make him a birthday pic as a surprise. I hope you like it Tess. ^.^;
Title: Aslan
Submitter: Jacob
Description: This is Aslan, he was a request from his player, who just recently joined the NIMHmuck. I kind of wish I scanned the inked sketch before I colored it since this character has a lot of black on him and you can't really see very many details I had in the pic. But low and behold here it is. In his description he has many gold emblems of the Colonies seal and because I couldn't find too many references of the Thorn Valley Colony seal I designed one myself. Hope everyone enjoys it. ^.^. Especially his player. :D Aslan (c) His player
Title: Show and tell
Submitter: Jacob
Description: Yep it's Jacob again ^.^, I was trying a different angle with this pic and I like how it turned out. This is actually based on an RP I had with Justin Long ago when I first joined NIMHmuck. This is Jacob demonstrating his work to Justin when he was asking permission to use a workshop in the colony. He designed this small scale glider to show and fly for Justin who agree'd to let Jacob use a workshop to build the full Rat/mouse scale glider which he does complete eventually. ^.^. Hope everyone enjoys this. :)
Title: Katt
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Another Request :)
Description: This was another request from Aslan's player, This is Katt isn't she cute? :) Well anyway I was trying a new position with this pic obviously a seated position and I'm happy how it turned out. I apologize to her player for taking so long to get finished but there was a few things I needed to do to the pic. I just hope her player likes it, In fact I hope everyone enjoys my pics n.n Katt (c) Her Player
Title: Kimberly
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: My character Kimberly , The mapper. ;)
Description: This is my character Kimberly, I've been wanting to try my hand at her myself for some time but DB drew her so well I didn't know if I should. but after some work here she is. This was my first attempt at drawing hair and it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. :) For some reason my scanner made her light grey fur look almost white, which it's not suppose to. :( But other than that I liked how this turned out and hope everyone enjoys it. :D
Title: Cedric
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Kimmy's husband Cedric :)
Description: I've noticed there isn't much art of this character so I couldn't help but try my hand at him as well. This is Cedric, Kimberly's IC husband I drew him with his swords drawn and looking a little angry, perhaps he's planning on defending his love from harm? :). He's such an interesting character and i had alot of fun drawing him. :) Once again for some reason my scanner seems to be hardly showing the light grey fur. Because of that his fur looks almost white and it's not suppose to be. But reguardless I liked how this turned out and I hope Cedric likes it. :D Cedric (c) His player
Title: Watching the Sunset
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: watching a sunset
Description: It's been a while since I posted some art here. RL been pretty busy for me :/ But I heard a song the other day that inspired me to draw this pic :) It's my first full picture I drew and colored. I was experimenting with some blending, light effects, and some shading. Even though this was inspired by a song It's one of Jacob and Tess' favorite activity together so I added them as a bonus ;) P.S. No the hill doesn't have teeth, that was my attempt to draw a treeline those are suppose to be gaps between tree trunks that the sun is shining through.
Title: Rain, Rain, Go away!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: How I feel about all the rain.
Description: It's been a while since I posted a pic. I was inspired to draw this because its been raining pretty regular around here with very few nice sunny days. And it's beginning to get me down so I decided to draw this to help cheer myself up some. This is my first attempt at drawing wet or soaked fur and I was happy how this turned out, especially the way his hat turned out. I was also experimenting with some dripping and spashing rain drops, which turned out quite well too. Please feel free to comment everyone. :)
Title: Windy Dayz!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Windy Dayz have come.
Description: It's been a while since I uploaded pics here, so I decided to upload some new pics. This one was inspired by something that happened in RL a few weeks ago when we had a few days of pretty hard steady winds. Here I drew my character Jacob struggling against a strong gusty wind.
Title: Happy Halloween!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Celabrating Halloween
Description: Happy Halloween everybody! A little pic I drew today celebrating Halloween 2011, Hope everyone ejoys it.
Title: The Pilot and his Toy
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: An older pic that needed finished.
Description: Heh, I was looking through my old sketch pad and found this pic incompleted. I had forgotten all about it, as you can see it was an old pic. So I decided to finish it, color it, and put it up. It was an idea I had that I hoped would come to life ICly on NIMHmuck but I decided to go another route eventually. I had originally thought of Jacob finding an old wrecked RC air plane that had been thrown away. He salvaged and fixed it up, replacing the servo's with manual controls. I drew this pic of him tinkering and tuning up the engine. Hope everyone likes it. n.n
Title: Darrell, Ready for a battle
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Something I've been wanting to do for a while.
Description: This was something I've been wanting to do for some time, and only recently got up the nerve to try. XD I's a new angle on my NIMHmuck character Darrell, more of a forward facing angle with a sword at the ready. This was a big step on my part as far as art goes and I'm happy about how it turned out. Once again the hands were a problem, as usual, but still it's an improvement. Hope you enjoy it ^.^
Title: A "Computer Mouse"
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: A little inked sketch
Description: This was an inked sketch I done A very long time ago, It was done before I actually began lableing and dating my pics. So I'm not really sure how old it really is. But I kept seeing it in my sketch pad every time i leafed through it and like it so well I finally decided to finally post it. Hope everyone will enjoy this cute little Computer Mouse :D
Title: The block!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: A surprise encounter
Description: This is my first attempt at an action scene pic. Here Ronald was busy chopping on a log when an unknown random assailant attacks him. Drawing his battle-axe he manages to fight back and block the sword swing. If you can't make out what he's saying Ronald is shouting "Is that the best you can do?!" But anyway I'm REALLY happy about how Ron turned out in this pic I know the opponents sword is kinda genaric looking but It was a quick sketch. I also experimented a little with foot angles with a front and a back view. I hope everyone enjoys it n.n P.S. I know Ronald's fingers kinda appear through the enemy sword, but I got a little overzealous when I was inking.XD
Title: Honor our Veterans!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Something I did to celebrate Veterans Day
Description: Well it's Veterans Day and I felt compelled to do something in honor of it. This is the result, I drew Jacob,Darrell, and Tess saluting the four armed forces and giving them outfits to represent three of them (Didn't have room for a fourth). But I also added the four Symbols that also represent the specific Force. I apologize for some of the crudeness of detail in some parts of the pic, I wanted to get the thing finished and posted the same day. Still, I hope everyone enjoys my little contribution, Thanks. :D Tess (c) Her Player Jacob and Darrell (c) me.
Title: Merry Christmas Cedric!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Kissing under the Mistletoe!
Description: I was in a Christmas mood this week and even though it's not yet Christmas, I decided to make some Early Christmas gifts. This one is for my good friend from NIMHmuck Cedric. This was also ,my first kissing pic. It's of Cedric and his IC wife Kimberly kissing under the mistletoe. Merry Christmas pal, I hope you like this pic! :D Cedric (c) Cedric Kimberly (c) Me
Title: Christmas Surprise!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: A poem and a pic for Tess.
Description: Tess woke Christmas morning all happy and glad, She rushed to the main room to see what gifts she had! There were so many for her, it was blowing her mind, but there was one in particular she happened to find! There stood a large gift box all topped with a bow, She opened it quickly , She just had to know! When out of the box, but who shall appear? Why a jolly ol' mouse whom she loves so dear! This was another Early Christmas pic I wanted to make. This is for my good friend from NIMHmuck Tess that I hoped with finals and everything it would help cheer him up a little. I even wrote a little poem to go with the pic. I hope you like it my friend. and Merry Christmas everyone! :D Tess (c) Tess Jacob (c) Me
Title: Courage of the Heart...
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: A quick sketch I did today.
Description: Nicodemus: "Courage of the Heart is Very rare, The Stone has a power when it's there." This is a little pic I sketched today during some free time at work, the sketch took about 20 minutes going by just memory! I love how it turned out, and it made me want to watch SoN again (which I did when I got home):D I took my time coloring it and really worked on the Shading and it's even better. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. ^.^
Title: Merry Christmas to All!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Something for everyone.
Description: MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS! I know I've already made a couple Christmas pics but they were directed to specific people as gifts. So, I went ahead and made something for everyone, to all my fans (if any) and anyone who looks through my Gallery, I Thank you. So I'll say it again... Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! ^.^ P.S. If your having trouble seeing the "Christmas" in the lights try the full size picture n.n
Title: Whittlin' the Day Away
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Whittlin' the day away
Description: Sorry it took me so long, but here is a new pic. I drew this pic a while ago as the date shows, and I just recently got around to coloring it. RL has been keeping me busy. This is a pic of Jacob relaxing and whittling a new airplane toy he's making for his kid. I hope everyone enjoys this pic.
Title: Summer's Comin'!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Summer's Comin'!
Description: Hello folks, it's just so close to Summer time I was inspired to draw this pic in honor of it. A little playful pic of Jacob and Tess out enjoying the Summer weather in a boat and water-skiing. This was a pic I was just having fun with, I hope everyone likes it. :)
Title: An Expriment.in digital
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: My first Digital pic
Description: I recently got a new Drawing tablet and decided to get a little practice with it. Here I used my tablet to draw Jacob. It's crude yeah and I didn't get everything colored as well as didn't erase all sketch marks. But all things considered it didn't turn out too bad for my first attempt. I'll keep practicing and I'm sure to get better but until then enjoy this rough first all-digital pic. n.n
Title: Flyin' to MFM!!
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: A little pic to signify me Flyin' to MFM
Description: Hello all, Well tomorrow's the day. I'll be flying down to Memphis, TN tomorrow for Mephit Fur Meet and I can't wait. I was so excited this year that I even drew this pic earlier this year to show it. It's Jacob, my main character on NIMHmuck flying his plane to signify My flight down to MFM. I hope everyone enjoys it and If your going to MFM this year, maybe I'll see you there? :) Jacon(c) Me
Title: Artists Block
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: It's been a while...
Description: I know it's been a good while since I've posted anything. Alot of stuff has happened in RL since my last post. That and the fact that I had a little artists block. I didn't know what to draw and wasn't inspired to draw anything as well. So to picture that I drew this!. It's Jacob sitting at a table and not sure what to draw. You can tell I'm a little rusty after my hiatus. This pic isn't as crisp as my others. But I still like how it turned out. I'm finally getting back into the groove again. So I hope it won't take so long to post anything as before. n.n
Title: Breaktime
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Ronald taking a little break and reading a book.
Description: I found this pic tucked in the back of one of my sketch pads. I remember drawing this like over a year ago and just found it. So I inked it and colored it. I forget what date I originally drew it, so I just dated it the day I finished coloring the pic. I really liked how this pic turned out. It's my NIMHmuck character Ronald(the LumberRat). Here he is taking a little break while at work and reading a book to pass the time. n.n I hope everyone likes it.
Title: Minecraft Bris
Submitter: Jacob
Summary: Uh-oh Looks like Mrs. Brisby is having a creepy unexpected Guest.
Description: It's been a SUPER long time since I posted anything on here, and I'm sorry folks. RL's been keeping me busy and haven't had as much time to draw as I use to. The story behind this pic was I was basically feeling silly one day and decided to combine two of my favorite things. Minecraft and Secret of NIMH. This was the result. I hope everyone like this silly crossover! :)