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Title: The Vordmens by Cadmus
Submitter: Simon
Description: I think I'm genuinely improving my style. Here they are, the Vordmen family minus the mother, Josephine. Father Roedel and sons Cadmus and Samerson. I really like how Roedel and Samerson turned out, not too happy with Cadmus, though, so expect me to draw him in better detail later on down the road. A side note: I'm pretty sure you'll notice that this image is a bit dirty. Apologies, I'm a great novice when it comes to editing and I don't really know how to clean up the image. Tips?
Title: Mouse Guards by Cadmus
Submitter: Simon
Description: Just some sketches I did of what I think the Mouse Colony guards might look like. As you can see, I'm not all that great, but I think I did reasonably well given my current level of skill. Each gun has a loading chamber, and attached to this is a reloadable canister of compressed air. These mice have a (mostly for added environmental protection, not effective against real, human-manufactured gasses) gasmask, with a helmet. The suits are made of a sturdy, flexible material. Underneath, protecting the chest, is a thin layer of padding. All in all, probably not realistic, but I like the way it turned out.
Title: Mouse Guards 2
Submitter: admin
Description: Now inked! First time, too, so it's probably sloppy. Oh well. My second sketch of some Mouse Colony Guards. On top is a (in my opinion) better version of a regular rifle guard. On the bottom is what I picture a Mouse Commander/Captain to look like. He has a sort of headset to relay information back to a Central Command I think the mice would have. He also has a much lighter armament; He's there to guide and direct, not to really fight. This picture also shows one of my bigger obstacles; drawing faces. I do well enough from the front, I think, but from other angles It looks to fox-like. One thing I CAN say to have improved on is the drawing of hands, I do a lot better in that regard.
Title: Cadmus
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: Now THIS was what I was aiming for with Cadmus. The arms are probably a little wonky, but otherwise I think I did a rather good job on it. If I ever find out how, I'll color it.
Title: The Last Bastion of Humanity: Utopia
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: A really quick, unfinished sketch done for Zen's rather excellent story: T.E.A.R. Here would be the final outpost of humanity's power, the massive station; Utopia. Thirteen massive fusion/hydrogen generators power both the great Citadel Shield that protects the fortress from any outside influence and all other mechanical workings therein. The air is filtrated through an ionized later within the shield, ensuring maximum quality. The same process is applied to water taken from various sources. Fear of the Sentients has also ensured that the bastion be heavily armed. (soon to be) Eight large dual-barrel laser cannons are ever primed upon the horizon, whirring sinisterly and always ready to strike down any threat. innumerable Point Defense weapons dot the hull, and the massive cannon forming the entire underside can be fired for devastating effect. Finally, atop the great station is the rich district; a miniature metropolis housing the most affluent residents upon Utopia. The rest of humanity toils within the titanic caverns within. Everything Humanity needs is within this impenetrable fortress. Nothing gets in or out without permission, and the consequence for attempting to break in is death, immediate and swift.
Title: NIMH Scientist
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: What to say. It started as just a sketch of some gas-masked figure, then I decided "What the heck!" and made it into a futuristic-looking scientist from NIMH.
Title: Nimh Scientist: Inked and Colored
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: The NIMH Scientist...now inked and colored! I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.
Title: Cadmus Sheet
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: Well, here's a couple of sketches of Cadmus I did, in various articles of clothing. I know, he looks either angry or melancholy...but for now that is what I was aiming for. I'll probably do something with him in a much happier pose sometime soon. I also think I've come a very long way in drawing, if my first pictures of Cadmus are any indication.
Title: 1920s Cadmus
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: Exactly what it says. Cadmus, with a 1920s-style outfit. Not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I think it's sufficient for now
Title: Mouse Guards 3
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: A third picture of some Mouse Guard concepts, and quiet a long way I've come since I did the other two. The lower right guard I'm not entirely happy with, but I was trying new poses and etc. with this. Enjoy!
Title: Samerson Sketch
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: A quick sketch of Samerson. I really like how it turned out. That bump is supposed to be his helmet, attached to a strap on his shoulder.
Title: Morbidus
Submitter: Cadmus
Description: A sketch I did out one of my original characters, Morbidus.
Title: Street Mouse
Submitter: Cadmus
Summary: Street Mouse
Description: A little doodle I did at almost midnight. It turned out surprisingly well, I think.