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The Woods

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Timothy leads you back out the entrance, to the outside of the colony. A well-worn trail stretches in front of you into the woods below the Valley.

"So, want to explore some other places on your own?" Timothy asks. "Well, this trail leads down into the Woods. I've been there a number of times myself... it's an interesting place to explore."

You begin down the path, but only make it a couple of steps before Timothy calls after you, "Wait!" You stop, and he hands you a rolled up piece of parchment. "It's a map of the Woods that I made myself. Take it with you so that you don't get lost. I even marked all my favorite places to go."

You nod, accepting the map, and continue on your way. Timothy calls out behind you, "I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back soon!"

In this section...

Favorite NIMH sites

An online, text-based, multi-user freeform roleplaying environment based on the Secret of NIMH.

NIMH: The Final Experiment
NIMH: The Final Experiment

An incredible illustrated story, written and illustrated by one of the most prolific NIMH fan-artists out there, Marcus Lindemann. Hosted and maintained by Simon.

Robin's Fan Fiction Archive
Robin's Fan Fiction Archive

The largest and best collection of NIMH-related, fan-generated stories, as well as a good collection of Jonathan fan-art. Be sure to check out the stories by the late Paul S. Gibbs while you're there...

secret of nimh archive
The Secret of NIMH Archive

Lots of articles on NIMH and Don Bluth. Also has a "mistakes" page, and a copy of the entire Secret of NIMH script.

Desert Mouse's Secret Mouse Hole

Promising site with some fan art and a listing of NIMH collectibles.

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