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Timothy's Study

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"Pardon the mess," Timothy says as he leads you inside the door. "I only recently got permission from Justin to use this room as my Study, so I haven't gotten everything moved in yet."

Looking around, you can see a mouse-sized desk, laden with papers, books and various writing implements. A few plaques hang above it on the wall, indicating various achievements. On another side of the wall there's a small bookshelf, still mostly empty at this point. A short, four-legged stool stands next to the window on the far side of the room, and leaning against the wall next to it is a mouse-sized acoustic guitar, with a few sheets of chords lying around beside it.

"Not much to look at yet, but I'm working on it," Timothy says, apologetically. "Still, while you're here, you're free to take a look around."

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About Timothy

Timothy is the youngest son of Mrs. Frisby (or Mrs. Brisby, if you prefer), and is a major character in the books Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and Racso and the Rats of NIMH and a character, though probably not as major, in the movie The Secret of NIMH. He is described as being thin and small, something of a hypochondriac, as well as being the smartest and most thoughtful of the Frisby (or Brisby) children. However, he seems to be very reserved, almost shy, which is probably why he reminded me of myself, when I first read the books. Early in his life, he was bitten by a spider, which probably accounts for his lack of strength and endurance. In both the first book and the movie, Timothy falls sick to pneumonia, which event is the catalyst for the rest of the story.

The Secret of NIMH fan base (at least on the Internet) seems to be divided into two camps: Justin fans and Mrs. Brisby fans, with a few sprinklings of Jonathan, Jeremy, etc. Unfortunately, the reason he probably gets the short-shrift among fans is because he was a relatively minor character in the movie. He had only one speaking line ("Momma,I'm tired of bed! I wanna get up!") and slept most of the time he was on screen, and so he tends to be overlooked. However, in Racso and especially Mrs. Frisby he has a much larger role, and is much more developed as a character (though I think Conly made a mistake in focusing more on Racso in the second book... Timothy is much more interesting. ;).

Still, I felt that much more could be done with Timothy as a character, and that (among other things) is what prompted me to write The Return to NIMH, which is still a work-in-progress, and has been proceeding slowly. Fortunately, there's also a great deal of fan-fiction that deals with Timothy, so he lives on in the stories of others, growing deeper and more thought-out with each telling.

More to come soon...

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