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Simon's Observatory

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Timothy stops at a door along the long hallway, and knocks. There's some shuffling inside and a rather tall rat pokes his head out of the doorway. "Oh! Uh... Hi, Timothy..."

"Hey, Simon," Timothy replies. "Mind if we drop in for a bit?"

"Er..." Simon says, looking a bit embarrased. "I would love to, really, I would... it's just that... well... this place is a disaster right now... I've been trying to clean it up and all, but between work and whatnot... Tell you what, if you come back in a few, maybe I'll have things straightened out."

"A few... what? Hours?"

"Er, no... more like days... maybe months..."


"Hey, I said I was busy..."

Simon peering at the stars through a telescope (Art by Marcus Lindemann)Sorry, folks, not much to see here at the moment. However, once I get this section up and going, expect to see a section on Simon's doings on NIMHmuck, along with some other general NIMHmuck info, a section on some of my other interests and places to see on the internet, perhaps even a 'log book'... though I really don't consider myself the 'blogging' sort... We'll see.

In this section...

About Simon

Simon is the online persona of the author of this website, full name is Simon Tesla. If you're wondering, the name "Simon" came from my old screen-name, "Seoman". I thought it might be odd to be called that when I joined NIMHmuck, so I used the simpler name of "Simon" instead when signing up. Boring story, I know. As for "Tesla"... I dunno, you'll have to ask Newton's player on NIMHmuck about that one. I'm pretty sure it's for the scientist of the same name, but...

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