The First Post: Serena Takes a Walk (Attn Anyone)

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18-02-2007 12:03:14

She crossed the stream carefully, using the almost-submerged rocks to pick a path to the other side.

Serena hadn't left the colony alone for some time, but she was feeling a bit restless at the moment. She stopped on the bank of the stream, looking down at her silhouetted reflection.

She couldn't help it. Despite all he had done, the hell he'd put them all through, the feeling would not leave her completely.

I miss you, Jenner...the way you were before all of this started. The politics, the lies, the murder...if I could have you back the way that you were when I first married you, I would do whatever it took.

Thus lost in thought, she remained oblivious to anyone or anything else.

(OOC: I'm assuming this takes place at a point where the colony may not be fully aware that Jenner is actually alive.)

A.J. The Echidna

19-02-2007 20:26:35

(I guess I'm in.)

Jack sat at the streams edge. He stared into his reflection, something he hadn't done in quite some time. The young mouse had been getting around to thinking about a lot of things, a way to repay the rats for their hospitality being mostly important. He had spoke to Justin about it but the Captain of the Guard told him not to worry about it. It still bothered young Jack, however, and he truely felt like he needed to prove himself. He sighed and dipped both of his fore-paws into the steam. The water in his palms was cold and obviously wet and made him feel refreshed as he put his lips to his hands and drank the liquid down.


22-02-2007 17:48:12

Serena's ears pricked, and she turned in the direction of the sound of splashing. She smiled as she caught sight of the one responsible.

"Hello there," she said. "You're...Jack, am I right?"

A.J. The Echidna

23-02-2007 13:08:43

The young mouse jumped at the sound of the voice. "Yeah." was his reply, the water on his face releasing droplets into the stream. "I was just....clearing my head."


24-02-2007 14:24:37

Serena nods, and she steps closer. "I quite understand. Anything in particular on your mind?"

She looks out at the cheerful scene--the stream, the sunshine, the leaves swaying gently in the breeze. How ironic that the only two people to see it are those least likely to enjoy it!

A.J. The Echidna

25-02-2007 08:57:22

"Not really." Jack said, he squinted slightly as he look up due to the sunlight. "Just thinking about productive things like how to get into the senate or the guard. Y'know, something like that."


28-02-2007 17:10:38

Serena crosses her arms over her chest, eyebrows raised. "I can understand wanting to join the Guard, but why the Senate? I serve in that capacity myself, and I can tell you it's quite a headache if you don't like what you're doing." And even sometimes if you do, she thought dourly.

A.J. The Echidna

01-03-2007 18:15:53

"Well it's kinda funny." He started. "I like doing physical stuff to protect others but I don't want to be all muscle either. There's still that intelligent side that wants to take part in a discussion with it's own views to be heard."


02-03-2007 14:41:53

(OOC: Skip me, guys; decided to get rid of this char.)


03-03-2007 22:24:09

Serena smiles. "I think I understand. But being a guard is hardly all about muscle. In a way, the Senate and the Guard are very similar--both exist ideally to protect the people. Of course, sometimes we do take ourselves--as Justin says--a little too seriously."

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A.J. The Echidna

04-03-2007 06:08:33

"Yeah, I guess." The mouse replied as he tilted his head to the left to crack it.

Mad Hatter

16-03-2008 03:34:27

Elizabet cleared her throat hoarsely to catch the attention of the other two rodents. She'd come to the stream to catch some stickleback and had not axspected to see the other two at this hour.