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21-09-2003 03:40:02

Can anyone tell me about NIMH3? I was looking at some movie listing website (can't remember it's name) and strangely it lists a film by the name of "The Secret of NIMH3 The Beginning". It even has a brief plot description and the vioce actor for Jonithan. Is there a third NIMH film that I have never seen? What exactly is going on?
Irritatingly the plot of the film seems very similar to a piece of fan fiction I am writing. I'll bet people think my work is just a copy now.
Anyway, any information anyone could provide would be appreciated.



21-09-2003 15:57:28

Here's the scoop from the now defunct NIMHnation site (courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine[=]Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

For quite a while, rumors flew around about a possibility of a NIMH 3. This entry in the Internet Movie Database[=]entry in the Internet Movie Database backed up these rumors considerably. Since Don Bluth and his animation company now have a web site, it is extremely easy to get in contact with him. I did just that, via the site's question and answer form. I asked him about NIMH 3. Here is the reply:

Dear Duncan,

We have been in touch with the President of MGM/UA and he claims that there are no plans for another Secret of NIMH and they have disbanded their animation department. We also suggested that the next time that they think "sequel" to please call us.

Thanks for writing.

Your question was:

Hi, there. I've been a fan of The Secret Of NIMH for many years now, and I really appreciate your efforts to stay in touch with your fans. I have a question, and that question is: What (if anything) can you tell us about the next followup to NIMH that's apparently in the planning stages? (Apparently it's supposed to be called "Secret Of NIMH 3: The Beginning"-is this the real title?) Thanks for taking the time to respond to all of the fans'
questions. Take care!


28-09-2003 09:50:26

I hope they don't make a NIMH 3 and if they do, I hope they get decent artists, voice actors, story and whatever else comes with making a movie.


01-10-2003 07:59:27

i would not mind a NIMH 3 as long as its decent animation and story and voices and if its called the beginning and has a voice for jonathin then their is no doubt that it will be a movie based on the past before the first one becouse as we all know jonathin is dead in the first one and the movies title is "the beginning" but thats all info if their really is a NIMH 3 wich i highly doubt from all i have heard from don bluth MGM and such


09-02-2005 15:35:11

i realy would like to see a 3rd secret of nimh simply because not much about jonathan is revealed.


09-02-2005 17:18:14

A NIMH 3 -might- work, but it'd need to be done by the original animators for sure, to say the least...



09-02-2005 17:36:29

Not just the animators, there also needs to be a good writer to at least write a good story, and not one that has thousands upon thousands of flaws and plot holes.


09-02-2005 20:01:11

I agree with that fully, as it's the other half of what makes up great animation..



15-02-2005 11:37:53

but writers and artest are not all that will be needed but some one would need to get mgm to allow it.


15-02-2005 16:01:15

Forgive me for saying, but who cares what MGM wants? They had their chance, and really messed it up, so in all fairness ownership of the movie should be returned to its creators so -they- can decide how the story will continue.



15-02-2005 17:01:56

Too bad MGM owns the rights, it's out of Bluth's control.


18-02-2005 21:53:13

It seems that this is no longer a rumor, I went by Bluth's website and this question was pulled up, here's how it all goes:

Posted: 02/05/2005
From: James Peake
Subject: The Secret of Nimh 3?
Message: Heya Don, Gary. Thank you so much for your great work in animationI am an avid Nimh fan and I would just like to ask you this Is there realy a Secret of Nimh 3? Please I am anxious to hear your reply. James.
Reply: James, Yes there is. We had nothing to do with it. It was done as a Direct-to-video production. Sorry.

Posted: 01/26/2005
From: roger jakobson
Email: leejakobson
Subject: secret of nimh 3
Message: are you planig to release a thiird secret of nimh if not why?
Reply: Roger, There is already a NIMH 3 out there on video. It's not great. We had nothing to do with it or with NIMH 2. We don't release films. It the case of The Secret of N.I.M.H. it was MGM/UA that released the film in 1982 and the home video and eventual DVD. We made the film in association with a film financing entity called Aurora Productions. We'd love to do a sequel or even a prequel to the original film. Thanks for writing. Regards.
Reply Posted: 02/10/2005

Posted: 01/29/2005
From: Chris Buda
Subject: Fanfics
Message: I recently caught up on some fanfics of The Secret Of NIMH on various sites. Thank heaven, they were quite good. Fans of that particular movie seem to be exceptionally reverent. Anyway, my question for you is: What is your opinion of fanfics in general, and of S.O.N. ones in particular? As always, keep up the good work. PS - If rumors of a SON 3 are in any way true, I'll say I'd have to agree with a fan on one site who said something about how he'd see it only if the "they give it to Don Bluth and tell him 'Don't come back till it's perfect.'"
Reply: Chris, Thank you for writing. Unfortunately a Secret of NIMH 3 is already out on video. We had nothing to do with it, nor were we asked. We honestly, just don't understand MGM/UA's thinking. Maybe the fans should start sending mail to the MGM/UA Home Entertainment division and ask, "What's up with that?" Regards.
Reply Posted: 01/29/2005

It's NIMH 2 all over again.


19-02-2005 00:16:33

It seems that this is no longer a rumor, I went by Bluth's website and this question was pulled up, here's how it all goes...

Eh... I've looked and searched and I can't find mention of NIMH 3 on MGMs website or Google turns up a number of unofficial speculations along with the IMDB entry, but nothing concrete. From my standpoint, until MGM confirms it or I can buy it, it doesn't exist. My guess is that, since they no longer have close ties to MGM, they have to get their info from IMDB as well. Since they don't explicitly say that they've seen it, that's my guess as to where the confusion lies.

Perhaps contacting MGM directly would yield a more final answer.

RustedWolf Fox

20-02-2005 12:05:31

I hope they don't release a third. It'll ruin the fun of us writing fanfics on what we think happened.

That's one of the things I like about movies that don't tell the whole story.


03-04-2007 23:39:54

I keep hearing from someone on NIMHster's that he was writting a NIMH 3.. The script is a secret for now but I really hope he'll share..


04-04-2007 14:55:39

Correction: I believe he said he was writing another sequal, but technically I suppose it would make it a third movie to the series. Assuming anyone's willing to call NIMH 2 part of the series, and yes Cedric we know, NIMH 2 is a conspiracy brought upon us by MGM. Just wanted to say that before you did. :wink:


04-04-2007 20:28:52

True he did said something like he was remaking NIMH 2 (or something like that). But he also said he was going into Jonathan's background..


04-04-2007 21:08:36

cool is it going to be put on robins site i would like too see it


07-04-2007 16:07:55

I wasn't even going to say it. I'm trying to go back to being a quiet person.