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Through a set of creaking double doors, you enter a large room, filled with shelves and shelves of books. Obviously a library, you can see that one could get lost in here if they weren't careful. Timothy leads you over to one particular bookshelf, somewhat smaller than the rest. "Here's one of my favorite sections," he says, pointing to the shelf of books. "These are all books and writings that we in Thorn Valley have written ourselves. There isn't much to see yet, but then, we haven't been around as long as the humans that wrote most of the rest." He gestures to the rest of the bookshelves.

Returning to the small bookshelf, you notice that, small as it is, it has been divided into two sections: Stories and Articles. "The Stories are just that," Timothy continues. "Stories. And the Articles are something of a mixture of either informative works or opinion. Most of them are a bit on the short side as well." Timothy smiles. "Of course, we are always looking to expand this section, so if you have an idea or a story that you'd like to put up here, you can always tell Simon about it. I'm sure he'd love to put more selections here."

In this section...

  • Stories - This is the place for NIMH-related fan-fiction.
    • The Secret of the Stone
    • Return to NIMH - An unfinished fan-fic dealing somewhat with the 'mice of NIMH'.
    • Timothy - A very short story that I originally wrote for high school English.
    • The Rangers of NIMH: MiSTed Edition by Håkan Svensson and Kevin A. Pezzano (original story by Paul Lapansee and David Gonterman) - A hilarious Mystery Science Theater 3000-style take on a truly awful NIMH/Rescue Rangers crossover fanfic.
    • The Rangers of NIMH 2: MiSTed Edition by Joseph Nebus, Kevin A. Pezzano and Christopher Street (original story by David Gonterman) - Want more? Check out the takedown of the sequel to Rangers of NIMH, featuring the Sequelizer!
  • Articles - Basically, anything that isn't a story goes here. Here you'll find NIMH-related movie and book reviews, opinion pieces, and other special features.
  • Submissions - So you want to post your own story at Thorn Valley? Here are some guidelines for doing so. Coming Soon

Elsewhere in Thorn Valley...

  • Scratchpad - Other miscellaneous writings can also be found here.
  • The Forum - If you want to post something short, or read others opinions, etc. and comment on them, the Forum's the place.
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