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"So," Timothy asks with a grin, "you want to talk to the 'guy behind the curtain?' I think I can arrange that..."

Timothy leads you down a long corridor to a locked door. After digging around in his shirt pocket, he produces a key and fits it to the lock, opening the door. Inside you see a strange contraption. It is round-shaped and appears to be made of metal, with stones inlaid around the edges, and a sort of globe in the center. Timothy touches the contraption gently, and it comes to life, the globe slowly revolving, but gaining speed--and it begins to cast a strange green glow.

"Nicodemus made it--It's a portal. According to him, this world"--he gestures all around him--"is made of the stuff of dreams. And this portal leads to the source of those dreams..." He points to the portal. Inside the glow you see an image form: it's a human, sitting in front of a strange machine with a box that glows with all sorts of colors and shapes and a large tablet of buttons...

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