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Timothy leads you through the arched entranceway of the Rat's colony. The guard, a huge rat with an imposing stare, gazes down at the two of you as you approach. Giving a slight nod, he allows you to pass. Once inside, you enter a similarly arched hallway leading to the colony beyond. The Rats of NIMH certainly have been busy; the archway is wide, and finished with polished stone and a terra-cotta floor. The sheer size and finish of the colony seems to command appreciation and respect, however it has many friendly touches that make it feel like home.

Not far from the entrance, you notice a rat waiting for you.

"Hey there, Timothy, who's that you got with you?" the rat asks.

"Hi, Simon. Oh, this is a visitor I found along the pathway from the woods." Timothy turns to you. "This is Simon. He likes to think that he runs this place," he says with a grin.

"Nah, everyone knows Justin runs this place." Then, whispering conspiritorially, he says, "But I do most of the work around here, and that's the truth." He chuckles, then offers, "Well, then, welcome to Thorn Valley, If you be needing anything at all, just ask me or Timothy and you won't be long in waiting. I hope you enjoy your visit."

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