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Glancing about the rotunda that makes up the hub of the colony, aside from being impressed by its size, you can't help notice the sheer number of rats, coming and going, meeting and chatting about the various goings on in the colony.

"We call it the 'Commons'," Timothy says. I guess it's appropriate enough; just about everybody comes down here at some point during their day... and if you're looking for someone, chances are you can wait for them here and they'll show up eventually." Timothy grins slightly. "I find it a bit noisy at times, though."

Simon, who (unbeknownst to either of you) had followed Timothy to the Commons, speaks up at hearing this. "Course, we've got some plans to take care of some of that as well." He points down the other way at a wide, short corridor, where it appears a number of rats are hard at work, building and framing a large room. "We're building sort of a lounge down that way, so that rats that want a bit more quiet and relaxation can go down there... we've even got a game room of sorts planned."

In this section...

  • Forum - A discussion forum for just about anything, but especially for all things NIMH.
  • Forum Archive - Posts that date back before April 2013 that were on the old forum system are archived here.
  • Downloads - Go here for NIMH-related downloads, such as wallpapers, sounds, and themes.
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